Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dec 19th could be the BIG day!!

Had an appt with my OB yesterday evening. She said everything is looking great and since I'm due so close to Christmas and had a great induction with J that it's on the table to schedule a possible induction for this baby! So we have a possible birthdate of Friday, Dec 19th for the little guy!

Granted he could decide to come on his own earlier or my body might not be ready for an induction by then. But still, it's exciting to think we may have a date that we'll get to meet and hold our newest baby boy! WOW, that's less than 2 months away!

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April said...

YEA!!! That's my father-in-laws birthday. It's good to have a date. I hate the wait at the very end, so annoying "Oh I can't RSVP to your event cause I don't know if I'll be 40 weeks pregnant, in labor, in the hospital or 2 weeks out and ready for a party! Sorry!" You can't plan anything!

I hope you are feeling ok! I know the last 2 months are never a breeze!