Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maternity Pics to share...

Okay, so I'm technically in my 32nd week - 8 months - wow! However, I have some maternity portraits that I had taken when I was 6 mths and thought I'd share! I've been so much better about documenting this pregnancy than I was with J. So while subsequent kiddos usually get the shaft picture wise after the first, this is one area that the new baby has the upper hand :) I'll have to remember that for when they're teenagers and he's complaining that J gets more or better, ha ha!

Been wanting to post more, but J's nasty cold & cough turned into a very high fever and after going to the doc yesterday evening... a double ear infection. G is gone this week for work, so it's been some rough days and nights. But I have give J credit for still remembering his manners. He told the nurse and the doctor thank you and when I picked up his script from the pharmacy he (in his lethargic fever state) told the pharmacist thank you before I even had a chance to!


Sheri said...

Hang in there sweetie! It will get better!

You are a very beautiful pregnant woman! If I could have ever been preggers, I would hope I would have looked as great as you do. (Ok that sentence seems weird, but you get my message right?)

When dad comes home tell him you get a day off! Auntie Sheri's orders!

Feel better soon J!

April said...

You look beautiful! I am glad that you had those pictures done. You won't regret it. I had a friend who does sketches do a large sketch of my belly about 4 days before I had Liam and I had it framed and hung. I think it's special to do something to commemorate each pregnancy. Just like every child, every pregnancy is different and special in it's own way.