Sunday, October 19, 2008

Off to a Wedding!

Consider this my 31 week preggo shot and a rare couple shot of us! G and I went to a wedding this weekend for one of his friends from Rose. We lucked out that they had it nearby so it was like date night for us (but with more people)! It was a nice ceremony followed by some good food at the reception. There was about a 3 hr gap between the ceremony and reception so we went out for a non-rushed lunch and did a little bit of shopping (we did get one thing crossed off our christmas shopping list!).

J stayed the night with G&G H and kept them and Aunt M busy with play-doh (DOH!), Blues Clues, jumping off steps, aquadoodling, and his other antics. He's a trooper though, he was starting to come down with a heck of a cold and still was in good spirits most of the time. Not so much today, once he was back home with mama and daddy he let himself be sick and it's been a rather long day for everyone. I hate it when he's sick, even if it's just a cold. I feel so bad that even though I try everything to make him feel better, there's really nothing I can do :(

Well, every night I say "Tonight, I'm going to bed early"... then somehow I look at the clock at it's 10pm and I should really go to bed! Not sure how I got into this habit, I was crashing at 9pm pretty regulary for the last 5-6 mths. So on that note I best log out and call it tonight!


Steph said...

Hey Tyson-
You look so cute....can't believe you are that far along!!! Steph

April said...

You are so stinkin cute!