Monday, November 3, 2008

Daylight savings schmavings!

Seriously, I just think that DST is pure ridiculous!! Who needs it to be ever BRIGHTER in the morning and DARK before you even eat dinner?!?! Sure doesn't help those winter blahs that I'm already starting to feel even though we've been having some unseasonably warm weather today and tomorrow. We're early birds around here, we really didn't need the clocks set back to be even EARLIER birds, really!

J is finally better! So glad to be done with last week that's for sure! We start back going to storytime at our library this week, so it'll be nice to get back to that. While J could care less about the other kids and even the story... he seems to like the process... the car ride there, the walking to the library from the parking lot (he jumps of the curbs and points stuff out), walking up the stairs and then down the stairs (instead of taking the elevator), then hanging up his jacket on the little hooks. During storytime he usually tells me he's all done during the story. But he listens to mommy and stays in my lap until the story is over. Then we do lots of little songs with motions to go with them... his favorite one is the march at the end. He knows we go around twice then it's out the door! He's probably the most enthusiastic in his goodbye than anything else while we're there. Then we always get one book from the shelves to read and look at multiple times :) Then we do the whole process in reverse... he's a very routine little guy... but hey, whatever keeps/makes him happy, makes me happy :)

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