Monday, November 17, 2008

Had a productive weekend!!

It might be the nesting stage, it might be the holiday prep, it could be that the cold weather is bringing out the human urge to prepare for the winter... whatever it is... I have my various lists that I cross off and add to everyday. I have one for baby things to be done, one for things to be done around the house, one for preparing for christmas, one for christmas shopping, one for gift ideas to give others, and various other random ones in this little notebook. I've taken to calling the notebook, my handy dandy notebook (due to J's Blues Clues addiction). This is a smaller compact version of my household notebook (a glorified trapper keeper - ha ha) that houses our family calendar, invitations, coupons, and misc... it's such an integral part now that pregnancy is turning my brain to mush. Last week I forgot to put my mother in law's jewelry party on the calendar and completely and totally forgot about it! Sorry D! So let's just say I need my lists and notebooks :)

This weekend we got EVERYTHING crossed off our list for both days!! I so happy about that... yah, I must be nesting! ha!

I am excited about having 3/4 (okay maybe more like 5/8 - but its more than half!) of the christmas shopping done. Unfortunately one of those warrants an exchange at Kohls this morning due to a scratch found (why couldn't I of seen it in the store?!?)... lets hope all goes well. I hate returning things, they make me feel like a thief! Luckily this is just an exchange, hopefully it'll go smoother than a return. My goal is to finish most of the shopping next week while G is off work for the week. Then to have all of it wrapped (or ready to ship) by the first weekend in December. Think I'm going to host a wrapping party for the moms in my moms group too!

For good measure I've added a pic of cutie pie J - he was very proud to sport a soap bubble beard in the bath the other night! Not that it's in theme with my post, it's just incentive for you to keep coming back and reading my ramblings :)

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