Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No way! You've got to be kidding me!!

Okay, so J is sick AGAIN! I think we've both about had it with all the sickies!! We've been at the doc more in the past month than in the whole entire year!! Started out with a cold which turned into a double ear infection. Then he got hives from being allergic to the penecillian to treat the ear infection. The hives where finally over with last Thursday. Now yesterday morning I started to notice him having a runny nose... fast forward to today and he's Mr. Green Snots McGee with a lovely chest cough!

Neither of us are in very good spirits today! He hates me having to tackle him to wipe and blow his nose and I hate having to tackle him just as much! Let's hope we both wake up on better sides of the bed after naptime! Speaking of which... only 2 more hours until naptime... that seems soooo far away! :)

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