Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why a pic of Carrie Underwood?

Well, it just so happens to be J's crush right now. Ever since he's been about one he's shown a strong preference for blond country singers. Particularly Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Kellie Pickler. We have CMT on in the background sometimes, and he'll always stop what he's doing and watch those videos... or Brad Paisley's Online one cause it has 2 of them in it as well! We received our most recent copy of TV Guide magazine in the mail last week. G showed J the article they had on Carrie Underwood in there. Ever since then J will go find that magazine take it to G and get all antsy and whiny until G finds the article for him. Then he sets it on the coffee table and comes back for a look every now and then. It's hilarious really!!

In other news, J has broken out in hives from a reaction of who knows what. Gotta wait until tomorrow morning to call the doc and get in (talked to him over the weekend). He thinks it's a reaction to the penicillin he was taking for his ear infection. Oh joy! So back to the docs we go! We've been keeping it a bit at bay with benedryl, but he still gets some new ones here and there. But once again, he's in awesome spirits and really only acts like they're bothering him every now and then he'll scratch at the back of his neck.

And, other than that, it's just plain COLD and WINDY here. Anyone that knows me knows I hate winter...and yep, it's still true. I was hoping being pregnant and having the baby furnace that'd keep me warmer... NO... still cold! Every winter I think I'm never going to make it (yah a bit dramatic I know) but somehow I do... but I don't like it one bit I tell ya. The only time I like it is when that dang wind slows down and it snows... at least the snow makes everything pretty and not so dreary. Wonder when we'll get our first snow this year? We usually do by Thanksgiving!

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