Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fell on the Ice!

I'll start off saying not to worry, because everyone (mom & baby) is okay!

In going to G's parents for his bday dinner last night I stepped out of my car and took a quick trip to the rear of the vehicle! G comes driving down the street wondering why I'm laying in the middle of the driveway. He helps me up, we get inside, I park it in the recliner, the baby was moving like normal and all seems well.

After dinner on the way home I start to think about it. G and I agree it's probably something I should notify the doc about. So when we get home, I call the doc, she calls me back ONE whole minute later - I love my doc! She ordered me to the hospital for monitoring and to get everything checked out. So off I go to the hospital!

Four hours later I got to go home. The baby's HB and activity was perfectly healthy! The ultrasound showed everything was as it should be and no bleeding or placental separation. The blood test showed no fetal blood in my blood. We passed with flying colors thank goodness... but that was the most boring and lonely 4 hours EVER! I did grab a book on the way out the door. But it was one I just randomly grabbed at the library and omigod it was sooo boring! However, I guess boring would be strived for considering what I was in for!

Well that's all the excitement from me for now! One week until the induction date... unless he decides to come on his own before that :)


Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness you and Baby are both okay!!!
I bet you are sore today!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyson,

Don't think you are ever talking to yourself. I love being able to catch up on all the happenings in the H family and appreciate you taking the time to blog! :)

So glad to hear that you and baby boy 2 are both okay after the fall on the ice.

I LOVE your village and Christmas decorations. Looking at them really puts me in the mood for the season.

Much Love,
Aunt Jeri