Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope it was Merry

Merry Belated Christmas to all that stop by here and let us share with you! Hope it was a good one! I must say Christmas can seem a little lackluster after the best gift - a little one to hold! But it was enjoyed by all... J loved the presents and likes to literally open one at a time to play with. Totally open the present and play with the toy before moving on... so he takes a while to get through his gifts! A few of the things he got that he loves... Thomas the Tank Engine track set, Chicago Bears Football Helmet, Dr's kit (he knew exactly how to use it all before we even showed him!), and other little Thomas toys! E got a new diaper bag - mommy is so excited! She can now upgrade from her boring little eddie bauer backpack to a cute little mod diaper bag (no winnie the pooh bag for this mom!).

G & I were very excited to open a camcorder from his parents! Now we can flood you all with vid links as well :) hee hee!!

The above pic is our Family Christmas Picture... that's the expression Jake gives when you want/ask him to smile for a picture. The only way to get him smiling in a pic is to certainly not ask him!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!! Baby E is adorable....Love the cheeks! Hope all is well and if ya need ANYTHING...Drop me an e-mail :)