Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday was family haircut day

It's a rare occurence that we would all happen to need/get our haircut on the same day - but it happened! I hadn't been since the end of August and I definitely needed a trim! I was putting it off because I wanted to get it as close to when the baby is born as possible... so I don't have to worry about how I was going to get my haircut with a newborn. At least now I have 3 mths until I need to worry about that again!

Then G decided he needed one too, so armed with his coupon (that I save from the junk mail - poor guy - at least he humors me!) off he went to get his haircut. J about came unglued when I told him Daddy was leaving to get his haircut. J was saying "no, cut, no cut!" Thinking I meant his hair! I reassured him no, just Daddy was getting his haircut.

Well, once G got home we realized that J really needed a cut too. After his "first haircut" back in May we purchased our own clippers for J's hair. Well J hates the clippers with a passion and usually a lot of tears are involved. We decided to bribe him with a cookie (one of my Mom friends brough some Mrs. Fields cookies to my wrapping party on Friday - yum, yum) and he took the bait. He sat in his chair and let G cut his hair with no whimpers, tears, or sudden movements! Cookies have an amazing power! ha ha! He looks so clean cut now, I should take a pic!

So that was how it came to be family haircut day for the H family! :)

If you're watching the Chicago Bears game today keep an eye out for G! ha ha, yah right, good luck! He's gone all day today with a bunch of people from work - when he left this morning it was 5 degrees out -3 with windchill. So J and I are home keeping warm today, although we will have to go for a milk run later this afternoon. Amazing how much milk we go through around here, can only imagine how it's going to be when the boys are older! Yikes!

Oh and on a sidenote, I realize from some emails I've received that there's some confusion about my blog. Please know that I just refer to everyone by their first initials only because this is a public site, I don't really call them that!! Also if you'd like to leave a comment (which would be great so I don't think I'm talking to myself - I do that enough as it is) you don't have to "log on" just click on the anonymous option and sign your name in the text you type!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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