Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enough about blah stuff!

For Halloween the boys were a Chicago Bears football player (J) and a football (E). It was really too late in the day for E since my boys are early to bed, early to rise! But once we got him in the stroller he was okay. J wasn't too cracked up about having to talk to strangers to get candy so after 5 houses (and 2 of them we know pretty well) he was ready to go home! "No more candy, let's go home!"

It was all good, got E to bed then answered the door for ToTers!

It was harder than heck to get a good picture of them both at all. So this is as good as it gets!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying to get back in the swing of things!

As if a weekend with Halloween AND Daylight Savings Time wasn't enough to screw things up. We all have a cold (that G caught at work and brought home) and I'm pretty sure I had a migraine. I had to cancel a playdate on Monday and then a trip with friends to the zoo on Tuesday. Ugh!

Lately I've been noticing when I get off the phone with a certain person I get a HUGE headache a few hours later. Then noise and light make it unbearable and I feel like I just want to puke. I usually have to go straight to bed once G gets home when this happens. It used to be everyonce and awhile. Now I notice it happens when ever I talk to one certain person. I usually out of obligation talk to this person once a week. There's just way too much baggage, ignorance, and general annoyance for me to handle anymore.

So gotta figure out a way to make the phone calls less and much shorter when they do take place. For my own sanity and well being. If it was just me I could just not call anymore. But once you become a parent, it's not just about you anymore. So gotta come up with a more creative way to fulfill my "obligation" but not cause anymore stress like this. It sucks.

Lately I've been sucked into the Twilight world. I never read Young Adult and the fact that it seemed like most people that read the series were people I've never heard talk about reading before. I figured it just wasn't my cup of tea. Well, I caved... and i have to say I enjoyed it! Yah the teen angst is a bit much for me and but I love the vampires, werewolves, and what not! I read each book in a day... so yah, it had my interest to say the least.

Now today I just bought the first four books of the Outlander series! $20 for all four books and shipping (they are NOT small books)! I found the series years ago when I lived in Atlanta. I was doing one of my favorite things... just wander the aisle and judge a book by it's cover. You just never know what you'll find! Anyway, since then I own the last few books... but not the first 4. The new one is out, and I'll probably ask for that for Christmas. So I want to reread the series before then. Now to stalking the mailbox daily ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're back!

Sorry been MIA. It was a nice trip. The last day of travel was the worst. One of the worst experiences ever. Then as if we weren't worn out enoough we went out and bought a new car! That was exhausting. But we've been planning it for a while, saving for a down payment, etc. We ended up getting a black Nissan Armada Platinum edition, woo-hoo! We now have SPACE!

It's just been busy here. Have I ever mentioned I'm tired?!?! LOL. Anyway, hope to get back to normal with posting here soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!

So T minus 18 hrs until we leave the house for our 8:15am flight! Wish us luck we can totally use all the postive vibes we can possibly get coming our way!

We'll be spending the week in my hometown. We piggybacked our vacation onto a work trip for G. He'll be doing recruiting at his Alma Mater for a few days during his trip. One of the guys he recruited last year (the last time we were back there too!) works the floor below him!

There will be a little get together/all day open house sort of thing on Saturday for mostly visiting and catching up but also for J's 3rd birthday! He'll turn THREE while we're there!

It'll be nice to be able to visit fall and come back home :) We have highs in the 80's and with the humidity the "real feel" is 100! I've never experienced this in October!! Makes it hard to pack for colder weather! Talk about a temperature difference, the highest I saw for while we're there is 60! Lows close to freezing! Oh my... we're going to freeze our converted Texas booties off!

Oh and in other news... I didn't die from mastitis, whew! Went to a fun Moms Night Out thing last night at a local painting ceramics place. It was a ton of fun! I was worried about going due to being sick this week and getting behind on what I needed to do. But I made a Target shopping trip on my way there for things we needed for traveling... so it made it worth it! I'll be on Facebook due to my phone... but won't be around here or other sites. So check ya later ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a pain in the...

So I have mastitis AGAIN. That makes it twice in one month. I'm so frustrated. I'm guessing I need to see a doc about this. But don't have one here AND we leave on Friday early am for Indiana for the week.

I don't know what is going on. This is usually something that new moms get with newborns. Not this late in the game and TWICE in one month. This is not something to mess with... it makes all my joints and muscles stiff and sore, high fever, chills, aches, severe headache, no energy, not to mention the white hot breast pain.

Here I am just trying to provide my baby with the best nutrition possible for the first year of his life. Why do I feel like I'm being punished? I get bit, I get sick, I get leaky, and I get interupted sleep at night.

I would kill for some SLEEP in a quiet DARK room. That would be divine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! 31 years young?

Ha ha... no it's definitely years old not young. I always swore I wasn't going to be a woman that gets down on her age or whatever. You're only as old as you feel right? Well, I can't go with that because I feel a hell of a lot older then 31... but I don't want to feel OR be 31! Oh well, I don't really have any say in the matter do I?

I got tons of well wishes today, probably the most ever... thanks to good ole Facebook! I received some nice cards in the mail and this afternoon I received lovely flowers from all my guys!! It's a mixture of flowers, but J was right "beeaaauuutiful rooooses!" LOL!

Age aside, it certainly does not feel like my birthday. The weather doesn't feel right at all to be my birthday. Even Atlanta they get a sembelance of fall. My first birthday EVER that it was a high of 90 degrees out with a possibility of swimming this weekend! Thank you Texas! :)

Right now J and G are off getting some sushi carry out to top off my day!! Now only a root beer float from sonic while watching the office (on dvd, we're catching up on last season while dvring this season). But it might be too much to ask G to out AGAIN on my behalf :) We'll see how much I can milk it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chop, chop!

Finally got my haircut on Friday! I was so excited about it. Then had to wait 15 min for my appt and got less excited. I felt like I clicked with the stylist. I wanted a change.. but since I've had went 6 mths w/o getting it cut I think she was scared to do a huge change. Which is fine, she doesn't know me and doesn't know I've had my hair just about every length (even super short!) and every color. I'm sure to her I just look like this boring frumpy mom... so she probably was nicely trying to not overwhelm me with having any style, lol!

It's okay. Others tell me it's cute. Not exactly what I had pictured, but it will do. Whatever.

I made it to the dentist yesterday. That was kind of a bomb too. That broken tooth is actually a hole in my tooth (wasn't even a cavity). Reaching up pretty close to the nerve. So since it was a strategic hell just getting THAT appt for me. Of course any kind of follow up appt was just going to be almost impossible. Between the lack of business hours down here and G being gone from work from 7am to 6pm pretty much doesn't leave me much chance to go. While I'm a bit nervous of having anyone other than family watch the boys I did check out sittercity. By the time I narrowed down the search to: background check, nonsmoker, ok with pets, has own transportation, that wasn't 18, and didn't live 15 miles away... I was left with one... that was only looking for a full time nanny position! Ugh!

Called the dentist and luckily they sometimes work on Friday. So when we get back from IN, I have an appt that next morning at 7am and then G has his 6mth check up at 8:30am... so it makes it worth the time for them to come in I guess? So at least that's on the books... but now I have these fears that my teeth are going to fall out of my head or that I'm going to need a root canal or something!! Eeek!

This Friday I have an eye appt at 6pm. Damn these things are getting hard to schedule and going to all this crap is getting annoying. But it will be nice to have new glasses and contacts that are correct :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sickies can stay away!

Poor E is a fireball :( No other symptoms accept high fever and being a little lethargic.

I feel bad. Poor E has gotten sick twice with high fevers and he's only 9 mths! So far no one else seems to have anything.

Makes me wonder where he got the bug from? The fever was obivious at 9am yesterday. Couldn't of been from the playdate on Tuesday because first of all he napped for most of the time anyone was here. Monday we went to the park, but E was in the stroller the whole time since it was a park with sand for surfacing so it was all over everything... he couldn't even crawl on the equipment - the sand was hurting his knees!

Sunday we stayed home. Saturday we did go to Hobby Lobby... seems kind of delayed if he got it from Hobby Lobby. But he was in the cart w/o the cart seat cover thing I have (their carts are sooo much smaller, it is too big for them). Friday we went on a little "field trip" to the neighborhood fire station. E was in the stroller the whole time there too... guess a kid could of sneezed on him. By the way, I thought Jake would be sooo stoked about getting to be at the fire station, see the trucks, etc... he was ho-hum about it. He did get to help a fireman spray the hose... but the thing he talked about the most was that the firestation has HUGE air conditioners and they clicked on right as we walked by when leaving! LOL!

It's been a super long 2 days. Poor little guy just wants to be held. He normally lets you hold him for like 2 seconds before he's all squirmy. Yesterday we sat on the couch for over an hour while Jake played and just vegged. It was nice to snuggle with him since soon he'll be too busy playing... but I'm sad it was because he was sick :(

Tonight there's a Moms Night In... we're getting together at another moms house for a Pampered Chef host to give us a little cooking show! Cool huh? I am excited about it, but this week has left me drain! Good news is... I get my hair cut on tomorrow and I go to the dentist on Monday!! Oh boy :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So much to do!! Eeek!

So I have a gaggle of things/appts I need to get done. I have no clue how I'm going to get it all done.

First my eyes. My glasses give me a headache... I think because they're chunky and don't have nose pieces so after wearing for too long they create pain. My contacts no longer seem like the right script or even fit my eyes right. Like they're someone elses... I triple checked, they're mine!

Second my hair. I haven't had my hair cut since April 1st (yah April Fools day, funny huh) and oh my it is in desperate need of a cut. Not only do I need it cut, need a style. I have no clue what I want to do. I think I want something fun and cute but w/o the maintenance... I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist!

Third my teeth. Right when we moved I all of the sudden have a slight gap between two of my molars that I've never had before (my teeth have always been crammed in tight). Which means I again lost a piece of a tooth. Last year I lost a tip to one of my canines while eat pot roast, a pretty soft meal. So I'm totally freaked. I'm scared of the dentist, even after all the work I've had done. I have horrible nightmares that my teeth are falling out. So bottom line, need to get to the dentist.. timing is right too since it's been 6 mths since my last check up!

Fourth... what is fourth? There were four things and now I've forgotten the last one. LOL.

Anyway, problem with ALL of this is that nowhere down here has evening hours. They all close at 5 or 6pm. G doesn't get home until between 5-6pm, I need to put E to bed so I can't really get out the door until 6pm. That's not the only problem... where in the hell to go is the other! Randomly pick out of a search? Proximity? Drive by and like the place? See an Ad for the place and think, we'll she looks nice I'll use her?

Now if I could just remember the fourth thing!! G needs new tires, his are pretty much bald... but that's not it. We need to go on a freaking date (only been once since E was born)... but that's not it either. I do need to call E's pedi in the morning though... poor baby has a sucking blister on his thumb. I'm pretty sure it's infected since it's white/yellow and has a red ring around it. Poor guy! But that wasn't it either... now if I could just find where I put my mind ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What you really want to see!

So I'm guessing my ramblings aren't very popular... so here's what you really come here for right???
These were from our Labor Day outing to the local nature center. J is by the snakes (ick), E looking at this creepy thing called a Lesser Siren (like an eel with front legs, ick!) and I agree with his expression, lol!! Then one of me (sorry so scary) with the boys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foot in Mouth!

I can't seem to get my foot out of my mouth lately. Or so it feels like.

I'm having a hard time submersing myself into the culture down here so to speak. Culture isn't the right word, but it's the best one I can come up with right now. I've found every single stay at home mom I know to have a complete round of services... a weekly maid (doing all the cleaning, all the laundry, stripping of beds, you name it), lawncare, gym membership, constant spa trips, kids in daycare, and it goes on. I'm not saying anything againt either of the services, I can certainly see their merit. But really? That just sort of seems like overkill to me. It makes me feel like an alien when they're all talking about the "help". Most of the "help" is related to each other in some way.

I think there's something to be said for doing somethings yourself, letting things get a little hairy (it reminds you why you need to do it and appreciate), and especially having the kids see you do things and have them partake in things. Seems like so many people (even from my generation,not just the current younger one) are all about ME, ME, ME and have no respect for taking care of things, property, etc. How can they learn that if they're seeing mommy and daddy have people do their work for them but have me talk about them having chores. That'd seem a bit hypocritical and would probably not carry as much weight with them.

Dumb me brought this up to some others I know. Oops. I came across totally wrong like I don't like gym memberships, or whatever. Ugh. Go me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Where have the last 2 weeks gone?

I swear it was just the end of August! Now E will be 9 mths old this week, I will be THIRTY-ONE (gulp) in couple weeks, and J will be 3 in a month!!!! Oh my!!

Labor Day weekend was a blur. I got really sick with Mastitis. I would like to say that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... but actually I just might! What yuck.

It was to be a busy week for us... playdate, childrens museum, and G's parents coming to visit. But both boys caught the snots at our Little Gym outing that Friday and were then on house arrest. Contrary to some parents, I don't like to take my kids out in public with green snot slugs coming out of their noses!

They got better just in time for Meegaw and Pago to come visit. It was a nice visit, J had so much fun with them and E had a good time being his cute self :)

We've been doing our "learning time" and it's still going great! After the introduction week, each week is all about a letter, number, shape and color! Then there's also a little theme to help try to tie them together!

Aug 31st week: Letter A, Number 1, Circle and the color Red. Apples was our little sub-theme!

Sept 7th week: Letter B, Number 2, Triangle, and the color Blue. Bugs was our sub theme!

This week: Letter C, Number 3, Square and the color black!

Eekk... gotta go referee!

Having trouble posting..

I've tried like 4 times with these huge long posts and it freezes on me :( Talk about a lot of work for nothing! If this posts with no probs I'll try to post more!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling easily peeved today...

So I'll try to talk about fun things! Last Friday we went to another fun moms group outing. It was to celebrate all the August birthdays... it was held at the community center... so pretty much just a big ole room for the kids to bring toys and run around in!

I felt like a slacker though. The info said to bring a toy for your kid and it said cupcakes would be supplied by the mom of the month (on mom a month supplies the bday celebration). Well everyone came with all these ride-on toys, balls, etc for the kids to play with (smart!) and snacks and drinks to share. I brought one truck for J and 2 toys for E, oh and a banana but that was just because E could eat it in his mesh safe feeder thing. To say I felt like a smuck was an understatment. The we had a great time... I just hope no one else noticed what I noticed!

Saturday we had company over. G's friend and his wife. J loves them and just wanted them to chase him... they don't have kids and you could tell they were embarassed at the thought of chasing him around in front of other people. Funny how for a rather insecure person I can be... I don't even think twice about making as ass of myself if it's for my babes! :) Anyway, the guys did their fantasy football draft later that night after J was in bed and her and I tried watching Eagle Eye on TV but we both kept nodding off! Aren't we a blast?!?! LOL!

Well E is up from his nap! Gotta go!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Learnin fun Mama"

Said J yesterday! So far so good on our "learning times"... he told G all about it. "Had school today. Learnin fun!" We did some fun things yesterday and today... I'm kind of winging it at this point (but witha basic plan in mind) trying to find our groove.

I'm really glad we decided to do this!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kids in Action indeed!

Friday we went to another moms group meet up... this time at a play/gym/activity place! It was fun... 45 mins with the space just for our moms group! J and E both had a fabulous time. In fact J told me while we were there, on the way home, and when he got up from his nap... "Mama, that was fuuuun".

The room had a psuedo climbing wall, tons of mats in various shapes, wedges, steps, and stuff. There were big and small trampolines, rings to hang on and swing from, balance beams, and lots of other climbing planks, slides and tumble stuff! Not to mention balls and hula hoops of all sizes!

Towards the end they turned up the music and on came a bubble machine!! Both boys enjoyed that... J jumped up to get them and stomped on them. E just crawled everywhere (didn't care that he was amongst a bunch of little stomping feet) and smacked all the bubbles that made it to the floor!

It was a bit far for us to get to so both boys feel asleep on the way home and it screwed up the nap taking for the day. BUT can't beat the fun they had! So we'll take the bad with the good and the good with the bad :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh a-learning we will go!

Homeschool preschool that is!

So after much research and consideration we decided not to send J anywhere for preschool this year. He is an October baby so he won't be able to start Kindy until 2012! I just think 3 years of preschool is borderline overkill. I looked into some programs here and it's hard to find a good fit. The only one I really liked was the Montessori school and it's over $500/mth! Eeek!

This year we'll be doing homeschool preschool, it'll be a great fit for us! We pretty much just learn things as they come up around here. But figured that a structured plan would be good. Then perhaps we'll start him next year, if not then definitely the year before he goes to K.

Already have the curriculum picked out, organized with the weeks of the year (each week getting a letter, number, color and shape), and supplies mostly purchased! We'll be starting out introduction to learning next Monday! Then will start with the letter A the following week. We'll be doing most of our sit down learning time when E takes his AM and then PM naps. Then each week we'll try to go to something either during the week or weekend (with daddy) as field trip for what we did that week. Can't wait! Getting a membership at the zoo since the wonderful weather will allow us to go year round (except maybe the summer, lol!) - lots there that can tie in to what we're learning. For the socialization that everyone gets so bent out of shape over... we'll have plenty of activities through our moms group! For each playdate there's also a little side thing done with the toddler for a structured storytime, song and then a craft!

So that's what we're doing this year! I'm very excited about this... you'll probably be seeing here or hearing about what we're doing throughout the year!

Off to the pool to meet up with our neighbor and her son (once E gets up of course!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found a new Moms group for us!

I've equated making/finding mom friends is like dating. It's not as easy as one would think it is or should be. Finding a moms group is like getting a group of friends w/o being friends first. So they're not always a perfect fit.

When we first moved here I was so excited to find out that our neighborhood had it's own stay at home mom group! cool! But over the months found it just wasn't going to work for me. One of the major reasons... lack of organization and the "no rsvp policy". Drove me batty. They'd list things to do, but there was no way to tell if anyone else was going. I went to the park they'd say they were going to be at only to have no one else show. That makes me NUTS... I can do stuff ALONE anytime! I want interaction for J and for me! When I first signed up I told the organizer that I was pretty involved with my IL moms group. She told me to please make suggestions on how to make the group better. So I finally mentioned that RSVPing is nice, because more people are likely to attend when they know others are going to be there. She responded to me with "No, this group will remain with a no rsvp policy. That's how I choose to run things. Thank you for your feedback, but I will run the group as I see fit."

Yikes. So off I went a-googling to see what else I could find.

Found a local group called "Hip Moms and Trendy Tots"... not that I think I'm hip in the least or that my kids are trendy... but that main thing is that it's a very active group! Very organized with rsvp, no-show and sick kid policies... I do believe I squeed with delight when I read it all! Yippee!

So yesterday was our first playgroup. J was his normal shy self but ended up having fun and E was such a flirt with all the moms!! He'd just crawl around and check everyone/everything out and would just laugh out loud while sitting amongst all the toys and kids!!

Tonight I'm off to see The Time Travelers Wife with some of the moms from the group! Then on Friday we're meeting a at "Little Gym" type place for the private play with just the kids of the group... mats, balls, things to jump on and off and stuff like that. Can't wait!

So hopefully we've made a fit as members of the group... and maybe just maybe a mom friend might end up being made as well!

P.S. E is now 8 months old!! He's been pulling myself up on stuff for over a month and now and is such a jibber-jabberer :) J will be 3 in less than 2 mths... oh my... it just makes me speechless!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hate the Sickies!!

So two Fridays ago we went to our 3rd moms group function.. a playgroup. It was nice. J had a great time... and I guess E did to be default and he wasn't hungry and tired. LOL. Well, little did we know germ warfare was taking place.

J started getting sick on Sunday. Then Wednesday E got. That night was terrible... J was up all night hacking up a lung and E got at fever of 103... which is NOT good, especially for a baby! Luckily for good ole motrin came through and the fever came back down. Due to the fever I called the nurses line and they gave us a very ambiguous... "Come in if you feel you need to". Well, Hell, I don't know... that's why I'm calling!

We made an appt. Since J would be a new patient the only opening for a new patient & also a sibling appt was at 11:30... during nap time. They both usually go down for a nap between 11-11:30am. G was way too busy at work, and I was starting to get sick as well. I was not looking forward to it at all.

$70 later we find out they just have very very nasty colds. But the good thing was that they were both really really good boys! Even the doc thought they were both being so good for how crappy they must of felt. Whew!

We're getting better. No more fevers for E and J only hacked the first part of the night last night. Mine never went beyond a sore throat. I just want us all to be healthy again! The sickies suck! :(

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

I'm posting about this wherever I can so, I apologize for any repeats. It's just something I'm passionate about. As educated and scienitific as our country is ridiculously far behind on the information/education/awareness and SUPPORT for breastfeeding. Leave to our nation to oversexualize something like feeding your baby. Leave to our nation's consumer mind to buy into man-made substance...and then make people think you'll look poor if you don't use formula (like in the 50's & 60's)! Most doctors/pedis are so ho-hum about it... there's just zero support and it's pathetic. So many mamas try and have to give up to what I totally believe is just plain lack of support. If more mamas had support, more mamas would do it, and more mamas would then have support... it would be a wonderful cycle.

BUT no, instead it's about worrying if you've offended someone. Are you freaking kidding me. It's about people giving suggestions of feeding the baby in the bathroom... now that just makes steam come out of my ears... would you EAT your food in the bathroom? If someone happens to be a working mom, well they aren't really left with many choices. Yah there's pumps... but you'd have to be hooked up to one to really understand that suggestion. They're outrageously expensive and again there's no place for a mom to go pump while she is at work... again there's the old bathroom excuse. My tip my nursing pad to them, because it was hard enough being a stay at home mom and nursing... can't imagine adding in all that extra work and planning that goes into that!

Obviously I could go on for hours. Those that know me know I'm not one to push my ideals on you or preach... but on same side of that I also am not a "fighter". I've never done a nurse-in and I don't debate with people about it or write letters when I hear of a mom being told to "cover up". So I try to do my part and be as supportive as I can possibly be and try to misinform when I hear wrong information being said.... oh and post about it when I get a bug in my rear about it :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything bad about people that use formula. I just wish the support was there for the people that DO breastfeed or want to but are not getting the support they should. My beef isn't with moms... it's with society! I think Sweden would be a GREAT explain as a pro-mommy & pro-baby take on things like breastfeeding, maternity leave and stuff like that! Go Sweden, lol :)

The boys are great proof of success!! I weaned J at 13 mths (never was sick until a month after he weaned!)... when I had E, I was in the shower when the Lactation Consultant stopped by the room to see if we needed help. G told her how long I fed J... and for the rest of my stay the other LCs were stopping by to tell me they were so proud of me. Funny, because I didn't feel like I was doing any great feat... I was just feeding my baby until the right time for him & I to wean! E is also doing just as great on the mama milk! Kudos to the other nursing moms, kudos to those who gave it a shot, and especially kudos to those that offer their support. Sometimes some of the biggest support another person can give is to just not act like a freaking weirdo when a mom needs to nurse the baby. It would be awesome if every nursing mom heard "Way'd it go"!!

Alrighty, stepping off my random soapbox moment :)

P.S. I once saw a slogan... "I make milk, what's your superpower?" Cracks me up! Along with the non-nursing related... "I'm so crafty I make people"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying to make working out a habit!

So I only have like 2 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-preggo weight. But it all lots TONS different than it used too! Eeeek! Darn cute babies, ha ha!!

We have a wonderful exercise room here and for 2 days in a row I finally kicked off working out for real! The room is actually a home theater/media room. But we put our older 36" TV in there with G's big ole speakers from college. Then on the back level we put the treadmill and elliptical. Then on the floor level we put a weight bench and G and I each have our own sets of weights. The last thing we're looking at acquiring is a stationary bike!

So far so good. G started his workout endeavor on Sat and I started my the next day! We're both doing good! Let's hope we continue and create a good habit!! Wish us luck! The hardest part is finding the time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ha Ha, or maybe not!

Now all of the sudden I feel like blogging again... lol! You just never know what the day/week/month will bring!

Let's see... lately I've been addicted to pretty cool stuff! One side was able to trace back to Davey Crockett... I'm his g-g-g-g-great niece! ha! Another side I was able to follow back to the 1500s in Swizterland! Never had a clue I had any Swiss any me! Cool! I've requested some help from G's mom to send me info on their families... G doesn't know squat about his fam! They said they can trace back to Alexander Hamilton... so I'd actually like to attempt that connection for the boys :)

Which brings me to my little heirloom project. Before J was born G's mom gave me his baby fork & spoon. Then after his birth G's Gma S passed on HER engraved baby fork to us! So I thought... this could be a neat thing to collect if I can find more. So I asked my Gma D... and she gave me my moms engraved spoon and my Gpa Ds. So cool! I then put them away... until the move and now I have a project-itis :)

I'd like to get a shadow box for these. Maybe through in a neat quote and I "think" I want to hang it in my kitchen. In the meantime I'm gonna see if I can acquire one more baby spoon or fork from other sides of the fam. Then I think I'll do my project soon! The ancestry stuff must of gave me a little kick in the pants to finally wrap up this project :) Fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

We're still here!

I just lost my drive for blogging! Sorry!

All is well. Settling into Texas! Let's see J is potty trained!! YAY! E is a babyfood eating machine and is now pulling himself up into standing position!

End of the season sales for patio furniture lead us to furnish the back patio. It's a great back patio with brick columns and a roof! So we got a neat ceiling fan for out there and really nice table and chair set! It's so comfy! J lounging back in the chairs is just too funny! Now I just need to get some plants out there AND we need to do some landscaping in the backyard. But hey for now just grass is fine.

Speaking of grass I find it so funny that E just crawls out in like it's nothing. I remember it took J a good month of checking it out from the blanket before he decided to venture out in it. E just crawled right out and was going all over. Eventually he just rolled over and rested a bit! He's such a cute little dude!

G's sis came to visit us last week. We had an awesome time! so the pic above is from one of our many outings!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And now it's July!!

Well time is just flying ever since we moved here!! Guess it's being so busy! We've had a good month since I last checked in. E is now 6 mths old... and J will be 3 in 3 mths... oh my!!

E is really enjoying the babyfood I've been making for him and loving crawling about and checking out everything. J has been potty training and is doing GREAT! We're going to visit friends on the 4th... so it'll be a good test for being somewhere different. I'm sure he'll do just fine... but we'll have backup clothes just in case :) We're all still enjoying the pool often... the baby LOVES splashing in it! G usually takes J during the weekend after he cuts the grass. Then I take them during the week... I probably look pretty funny holding the back in front of me and J piggybacking or floating behind me! :)

In our new home we have a home theater/media room. We decided to make it into an exercise room instead. So we have the treadmill, elliptical, weight bench, weights (one HEAVY set for G and one LIGHT set for me) along with my pilates ball and mat. All we now is to use it! G has been better than me, big surprise! The only time to do it is once J is in bed. But by that time I'm so beat from the day that the last thing I want to do is exercise! So still trying to find motivation, because obiviously just looking in the mirror isn't enough!

It's been in the 100's here! Yippee! You do kind of melt out there... but I'm just thrilled by it! Especially come "winter"... sooooo excited not to freeze in negative temps in side for months on end! Well worth melting during the summer if you ask me!

So far I've pretty much loved everything about living in Texas! But I have found 2 things... their drivers license process is the worse ever. I waited for over 3 hrs to get mine which ends up being a piece of paper that you have to carry around for 8 plus weeks until the real one arrives in the mail. Crazy thing is that no one/where in Texas accepts that as a vaild piece of identification. So no buying beer, wine, flying, cashing checks, or anything until we get our real licenses! What a fiasco!

The other is the library. What a pathetic excuse for a library... small, old, dirty and crowded as all get out. Not to mention their book selection is nonexistant. The books they have that ARE good are on a waiting list as long as their drivers licenses lines. They don't have any good programs either... so gotta get over being spoiled from our past library and try to "enjoy" this one as much as possible.

Have been having lots of visitors lately. Had a friend couple come visit the first of June for the day. Then my dad came and visited for a few days last week. Yesterday an old co-worker friend from Atlanta (working a consult job in Houston) stopped by for breakfast. Then next week G's sister is coming to visit for a bit.

Still getting the house together... somedays I fear I'll never get it done. We're completely unpacked but nothing is decorated yet except the boys rooms. We'll get there eventually I guess!! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June already!

Hard to believe how fast time flies!

We just got home from our first moms group event... a park/playground meet up. It's great because it's at the park right around the corner.

It was nice! I still get WAY TOO HOT really fast, as do the boys! But we'll probably adjust this summer and think we actually need a coat this winter or something. ha ha!

I have a neighbor two doors down that has a 22mth old boy and will have a baby girl in Sept. So hopefully it's the beginnings of a friendship for us and the kids! She said she came and knocked on our door yesterday... too bad we were up in the playroom and didn't hear it :( Funny cause I was just thinking about knocking on her door the other day too! This neighborly stuff is all new to me... but I think we can get used to it!

Personally, going through some stress right now. I just don't understand why some people have to be so immature and selfish... or just plain dumb. But the house is starting to come together, G likes his job, and the boys are doing great! So all is well :)

The above pic is of E in the highchair for the first time! I'll start him on babyfood in a few weeks when he turns 6 mths old. I make my own babyfood, I love the whole process of it... the cutting veggies/fruit, steaming, mashing, blending, etc. It's relaxing to me! Anyway, I did this with J too... I put him in the highchair about a month ahead of time to start getting used to things. Like the "meal times", sitting in the chair, and let him learn through play with a sippy of water!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots going on here, seems hard to summarize!

J is in a big boy bed and doing awesome! E is in his crib sleeping from 6pm-6am and his naps are getting better. J has never been a wordy kid or a parrot... but he's now starting to chat up a storm. He knew it all, just didn't care to converse with us until now. I knew it! LOL!

E is doing rudimentary crawling!! Geez, he just turned 5 mths! He also got his first tooth about a month ago! He does NOT want to be a baby!

Well it's naptime for J so I'll post the pics and be done for now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giving away free stuff is a full time job!

So like any move you end up having stuff you no longer need or have use for. One thing we had was a full size mattress. It must of gotten water damage on one corner when in storage and it is now creaky. Other than that it's clean and sturdy.

I have been trying to give this thing away for FREE since Saturday morning! Have had countless emails... but I can't even beging to explain the painful process this is. We don't have a way to haul it and it's really only that one big thing so a charity truck isn't going to drive out for one thing. I feel better giving it to someone when I've disclosed the condition rather than giving it to a charity that would in turn give it to someone. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Anyway. First person asks me what size it is... in the ad it says Full/Double. Then I tell where they can pick up. Then she responds back asking me where I'm located. OMG do people NOT read? Anyway, we made plans twice (even via phone!) and she never showed. Second person was a charity answering the ad on behalf of a single mom that lost everything in Ike and they were sleeping on the floor. It says what area we're in (a known part of Houston) and they ask... what area are you in? OMG it's even in your return subject line! PEOPLE C'MON! Anyway, I said if she picked up asap I'd throw in all the bedding I have to. Well, it's been over 24 hr and I haven't heard from them! So I get another email from a gal she says she can pick it up today. So I begrudgingly call her and she'll now be here in 20 mins... but the last thing she asked was... What size is it?!?! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yesterday was our 4 yr anniversary!

G and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday! It was just a normal day for us, we still have so much to do with the house and have yet to get a babysitter. We did however find a sushi place not far from us and got take out! I had a rare glass of white wine... so all in all it was good!

I loved our wedding. So glad we did exactly what we wanted to do! We got married inside a candlelight wine cave at a cute little vineyard in Calistoga, CA. We spent the week checking our Muir Woods, San Francisco, Alcatraz and lots of vineyards in the area! It was a wonderful week!

It's also been a wonderful four years! We've been so blessed in so many ways... yet we're still human and have our silly fights. Keeps us real :)

Wow! Soooo behind!

If anyone is still reading my blog, sorry I haven't updated! Most of you that do read are on Facebook so it'd probably pretty redunant. Not sure if anyone else besides you gals were reading anyways. I had hoped to be able to use this blog for reflection, daily summaries, etc... but it just hadn't turned out that way! I could blame the move, the boys, etc... but it just hadn't sparked the "journaling" bug I had hoped it would.

BUT I'll still be posting, so don't un-bookmark me yet :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Houston!

Well, we have arrived in Houston! G & J made their cross country car trip here and met E and I at the airport on Monday. You couldn't of asked for a better baby on the plane... I was sooo relieved that E did so well!

Tuesday we had the final walk through with the builder of the house. Then we closed that afternoon!

Wednesday was move in day. We were completely moved in by 2pm... our movers were great and they both were in their 60's and were some strong, fast men, let me tell ya!! Our new fang-dangle fridge and front loading washer and dryers arrived during that time too! Then with G's parents here we started unpacking! What a feat!

Thursday and Friday... more unpacking, putting away, etc, etc, and repeat :)

Saturday was a very rainy and stormy day. I did make my first trip to the grocery store... it was great to get to shop at a Krogers again!

Sunday we did a lot of little stuff that seemed to take all day! We did go mattress and furniture shopping for a bit in the afternoon. Thank goodness for online shopping... shopping in person with a 2 yr old and a 4 mth old is not much fun for anyone! ha!

Monday we finally got TV, phone, and internet. The latter being a lifesaver for me... you don't realize how much you do online until you don't have it anymore! It felt good to get "wired" again, LOL!

Today I'm going to try to have a somewhat normal day with minimal unpacking (we're almost done) and stuff. Gonna just focus on letting the boys play and try to get in a Target trip. They're one of the few places that sell my favorite planet friendly non toxic cleaning supplies... Method! Gotta get the Omop with all this tile!!

The boys are doing great! Every day J seems to get older and taller too! He still loves playing with his trucks... but his new thing is planes... loves planes! Gets a tad angry (with the emotion of a 2 yr old) when he sees planes in the sky and can't have the key to them to fly himself. Or when his toy plane won't fly in the sky like the ones he sees. Those times I'm left scratching my head... how to explain the why/how to a 2 yr old and not just say "Because, that's why".

E is a growing boy as well! He turned 4 mths last Thursday and is almost 18 lbs! We got the exersaucer out and he's loving playing with that! Right now he WAS napping in his swing... but just woke up and is trying to sit up in it! So better go!

P.S. Please ignore the mound of books and toys in the background of J's pic. We're getting a big storage system from Ikea for it all. Can't wait!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bye Bye IL House!

Sorry I've been MIA... but I have a good excuse right? Well that and after a year of scorning Facebook, I joined it and now have a nice fat addiction. LOL.

So today the packers came and packed up all of our stuff. We are being moved by the "official movers of the chicago cubs"... the cubbies logo is on the side of each box. Kinda cool. I knew G would enjoy that! J even heard me and the guy talking about it and went and got his cubbies hat to put on and "Show guy hat!"... it was very very cute. Everyday he does things that make me look at him and think... wow... where in the heck did my little baby go?? Let's not even speak of my littlest baby... he's only 3 mths but he's wearing 6-9 mth clothes and I swear acts like he's about that age too! These boys are going to keep me busy no matter what!!

While I'm being all reflective I must say while we're beyond excited to move to Texas... it's sad to be leaving our first home. We built this place. Picked it out when it was just a spot of dirt. We built it, got engaged, got married, got a dog, started planning for a family, had J, I became a stay at home mama, then we added E to our little family. Lots of wonderful things have happened here. We just plain outgrew the space... and Greg outgrew his job (in a good way!) :) It's time to move on... but this will still be the place we brought our babies home to! I have trouble imagining that years from now the memories of this place will get a little fuzzy... it's so much a part of so many great things.

But I can only feel sadness for so long... then it's BRING ON THE EXCITEMENT! Can't wait to be telling all about the house soon! I'll probably be MIA again due to the move... but I'll probably be able to hope online from time to time to feed my facebook addiction, LOL :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Houston, we have a house!

In Houston that is :)

G puts the earnest money down today and we close around April 14th... we're just so darn excited!!!!! Here's a pic of the outside from the listing. More pics to come next month for sure!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My brain is fried...

and tired too for that matter!

LOTS going on here! Our house is on the market! Not sure how in the heck I'm going to keep the house in "showing condition" and be able to be gone when showings happen. We just aren't the up and go type of people at the moment.

G is leaving this Wed and won't be home until NEXT Friday. I have a couple hours of help next week and that's it. I know some people do it all the time. But G and I are a team so doing a week and a half ALONE with the boys with a house on the market and G doing a house hunting trip alone... is almost too much. Almost. We'll make it, we always do... but still... I have a feeling I'm going to be consuming a lot of dark chocolate!

Well, E is awake and hungry... toodles....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're moving to Texas!!

Just had to share our news!! G got promoted and we're moving to Houston, TX next month!!! We're thrilled if you can't tell :) He can get more house for our money, a backyard for the boys, and great weather to enjoy the outdoors almost year round!

House hunting will begin soon as soon as the company assigns us an agent!

It's going to be one heck of a month... as if things weren't already busy around here! Wish us luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Boys day out!

Last Sunday, G, J and G's brother M went to the Chicago Auto Show! I thought it would be right up J's alley. But you just never know if they'll enjoy it like you think. Well, all reports say he was in hog heaven with all those cars! He loved getting to climb in and check them all out. Plus G got to scope out what we want our next vehicle purchase to be the end of this year or next!

In this pic he looks like such a big boy! He's also been a huge help to me this week (G is gone for work this week and next)... would get E's paci for him, throw stuff away for me, help me cook, and best of all NO tantrums! YAY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday we went to our Moms Group Valentines Day party! J decorated a sugar cookie and made a lovely heart craft while there :) For me, it was the first time I went out with the boys with a set time and destination. It went well, but man was I exhausted the rest of the day. J decided not to nap since he fell asleep for a whole TWO minutes. So yesterday afternoon was looooooong to say the least!

Today G and I are going on our first date since before E was born. We're going to try out a "new to us" sushi place. We'll be going for a lunch date, since our babysitter Aunt Meggy has her own date later in the evening! She's gonna watch both boys... bless her... she'll probably be waiting at the door to hand them over! :)

Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

E is a growing boy!

E was 8 weeks old on Tuesday, officially 2 months old this upcoming Monday! Time is flying. So here's a couple pics, one of E and one of J trying to console E... although he's probably the reason E is crying :)

Not much else new to report. It warmed up on Tuesday and we were able to get outside twice. I'd just pop E in the sling, zip my jacket over us and away we go! In the afternoon we went on a walk with the dog. So I had E in the sling, J in the stroller and was holding the dog leash with my left hand. I felt very busy to say the least... and got quite a few looks. Not sure if it's because of the baby in the sling (I know it's more popular in some places that others), or just the sight of all of us! LOL!

But it's back to being cold now. Booo!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here's one of the brothers together from when Aunt J was here to visit! And the other one is of big boy E! He's so squeezable, especially in this hoodie that's probably now officially too small :) Sorry I haven't been better about the blog lately... I'm finding Facebook great to use (after I drug my feet on it for so long) and also finding a great lack of time! Go figure that! :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks for visiting Aunt J!

My Aunt J came to visit this week and we all had a good time! J really enjoyed playing and showing off for her. I'm sure E enjoyed getting held as much as he did... and mama's arms like that too... her little baby boy is 14 lbs and not even 7 weeks old!! I really enjoyed her company and the help! Oh and not to mention the dinners she picked up for us were great!

We even went swimming at the hotel 2 days in a row. What a treat to go swimming in the winter! Really makes me miss summer something fierce. J really enjoyed that! Learned all about walking "ssssllllooooowwwww" around the pool, jumping in, and kicking :)

That's what we've been up too lately! If you're reading this, thanks again Aunt J!

Oh and here's a pic of baby E... 6 weeks old already!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bit behind... Baby E is 1 month old!

I'm keeping up as best as I can... some days it's easier than others!

Here is a pic I took on Friday when Baby E turned 1 mth old! Of course both of them have their eyes shut!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Second one...

Now here's J's :) He loves this, in fact him and G spent last evening out in the snow... and all he wanted to be was buried in the snow! What a goof!

Some video snippets for ya!

We've been playing with our fancy Christmas gift from G's parents - a camcorder!! Trying to figure out how it works, how to download, upload, all that good stuff. Thought I'd experiment here and share with you all. The first one is of E just swinging away. The second one is one of the many I took while J was outside playing in all this snow we've been getting with Daddy!
Okay, so I can only post one video at a time... I'll be back to post the one of J!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Only two posts in 2009?

WHAT have I been doing?!?! LOL. I have to admit I'm slightly overwhelmed. I miss sleep and I miss our routine. Luckily Mr. Sweet Cheeks is pretty darn cute and is pretty mellow (except when he's MAD then he screams unrelentlessly!!) and makes it totally worth it... but I still miss sleep and our routine nonetheless. J and I were a pretty well oiled machine after the first year.

It's frustrating to have no clothes that fit. Maternity clothes are too big - my pants about fell off at the docs office last week (and with carrying the carseat in one hand and having my big winter coat on, it was hard to keep pulling them up -- lovely mental picture, no?). My regular clothes aren't gonna fit for awhile. So that leaves me in sweats, lounge pants and tshirts. Ugh. Not to mention I have to change shirts multiple times a day due to spit-up (this boy has a knack for spitting up over the burp cloth, not on, or the one second I don't have one). One day I wore 8 different shirts in a 24 hr period. Yikes! From all that you can imagine the laundry I've been doing.

Top it all off, the weather really doesn't help at all :(

Alright, to sign off on a good note... at E's doc appt last week he weighed in at 10lbs 4oz and 22 1/2" long! Doc said he's quite the healthy baby and we go back Feb 18 for his 2 mth appt. He has been rolling to his sides, holds his head up great, and has found his fist!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Got back the baby's first portraits!

Of course had to get on here and share them! This is a great service, highly recommend all hospitals offer this! This isn't just your garden variety nursery pics. They come to your room, use some sheets, a basket, your cute newborn and click away! Then a couple hourse later she came back with our online login and password. We of course had the laptop at the hospital and immediately viewed them!

What a great idea, especially with a newborn and a second child at that, the chances we'd get his pic taken before 3 mths old was slim to none. Well, beside overworking our own personal camera of course. Baby E was only about 18 hours old in these pictures, they're just so precious. We love looking at them! Hope you do too!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Hard to believe it's the year 2009... seems like J was just born (nope that was 2006) and we were just married (nope that was 2005). Time does fly when you're having fun!

Hope this finds the new year starting out right for everyone. So far so good for us. G returned to work today after being off since E's birth on the 16th! Here's a funny - when he left for work today he grabbed my black pea coat instead of his and he thought he gained way too much weight during his little vacation since he couldn't even get his arm in one sleeve of it! Ha Ha, it was pretty funny!!

Today is my first day flying solo with the boys. We've had a couple of hairy moments, but we're surviving with minimal tears for everyone (the newborn, the toddler, AND the mama!). I made a discovery today that I'm weirdly proud of... I discovered that a pizza cutter is awesome for when holding a baby in one arm and getting the toddlers meals ready! Ever try to cut something with a knife one handed -- doesn't work! So I was happy to find something little to make things just a smidge easier :)

That's all for now, I hope to have some new pics to share soon! Just been in survival mode the last few days and have forgotten to take pics of the sweet cheeks and his big bro!