Monday, January 12, 2009

Only two posts in 2009?

WHAT have I been doing?!?! LOL. I have to admit I'm slightly overwhelmed. I miss sleep and I miss our routine. Luckily Mr. Sweet Cheeks is pretty darn cute and is pretty mellow (except when he's MAD then he screams unrelentlessly!!) and makes it totally worth it... but I still miss sleep and our routine nonetheless. J and I were a pretty well oiled machine after the first year.

It's frustrating to have no clothes that fit. Maternity clothes are too big - my pants about fell off at the docs office last week (and with carrying the carseat in one hand and having my big winter coat on, it was hard to keep pulling them up -- lovely mental picture, no?). My regular clothes aren't gonna fit for awhile. So that leaves me in sweats, lounge pants and tshirts. Ugh. Not to mention I have to change shirts multiple times a day due to spit-up (this boy has a knack for spitting up over the burp cloth, not on, or the one second I don't have one). One day I wore 8 different shirts in a 24 hr period. Yikes! From all that you can imagine the laundry I've been doing.

Top it all off, the weather really doesn't help at all :(

Alright, to sign off on a good note... at E's doc appt last week he weighed in at 10lbs 4oz and 22 1/2" long! Doc said he's quite the healthy baby and we go back Feb 18 for his 2 mth appt. He has been rolling to his sides, holds his head up great, and has found his fist!

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Sheri said...

Oh come on, no photos????

I wish we were closer! I can't imagine 10# already! But he did have a good start huh? I bet he's the sweetest bundle of joy ever! Go sleep girl, don't worry about blogging....unless you include a photo;) (hahaha)