Friday, February 20, 2009

Boys day out!

Last Sunday, G, J and G's brother M went to the Chicago Auto Show! I thought it would be right up J's alley. But you just never know if they'll enjoy it like you think. Well, all reports say he was in hog heaven with all those cars! He loved getting to climb in and check them all out. Plus G got to scope out what we want our next vehicle purchase to be the end of this year or next!

In this pic he looks like such a big boy! He's also been a huge help to me this week (G is gone for work this week and next)... would get E's paci for him, throw stuff away for me, help me cook, and best of all NO tantrums! YAY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday we went to our Moms Group Valentines Day party! J decorated a sugar cookie and made a lovely heart craft while there :) For me, it was the first time I went out with the boys with a set time and destination. It went well, but man was I exhausted the rest of the day. J decided not to nap since he fell asleep for a whole TWO minutes. So yesterday afternoon was looooooong to say the least!

Today G and I are going on our first date since before E was born. We're going to try out a "new to us" sushi place. We'll be going for a lunch date, since our babysitter Aunt Meggy has her own date later in the evening! She's gonna watch both boys... bless her... she'll probably be waiting at the door to hand them over! :)

Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

E is a growing boy!

E was 8 weeks old on Tuesday, officially 2 months old this upcoming Monday! Time is flying. So here's a couple pics, one of E and one of J trying to console E... although he's probably the reason E is crying :)

Not much else new to report. It warmed up on Tuesday and we were able to get outside twice. I'd just pop E in the sling, zip my jacket over us and away we go! In the afternoon we went on a walk with the dog. So I had E in the sling, J in the stroller and was holding the dog leash with my left hand. I felt very busy to say the least... and got quite a few looks. Not sure if it's because of the baby in the sling (I know it's more popular in some places that others), or just the sight of all of us! LOL!

But it's back to being cold now. Booo!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here's one of the brothers together from when Aunt J was here to visit! And the other one is of big boy E! He's so squeezable, especially in this hoodie that's probably now officially too small :) Sorry I haven't been better about the blog lately... I'm finding Facebook great to use (after I drug my feet on it for so long) and also finding a great lack of time! Go figure that! :)