Friday, February 20, 2009

Boys day out!

Last Sunday, G, J and G's brother M went to the Chicago Auto Show! I thought it would be right up J's alley. But you just never know if they'll enjoy it like you think. Well, all reports say he was in hog heaven with all those cars! He loved getting to climb in and check them all out. Plus G got to scope out what we want our next vehicle purchase to be the end of this year or next!

In this pic he looks like such a big boy! He's also been a huge help to me this week (G is gone for work this week and next)... would get E's paci for him, throw stuff away for me, help me cook, and best of all NO tantrums! YAY!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,

You're right J does look so grown up in the picture! :) I'm glad that he enjoyed the car show and being such good help while G was out of town.

Aunt J