Thursday, February 12, 2009

E is a growing boy!

E was 8 weeks old on Tuesday, officially 2 months old this upcoming Monday! Time is flying. So here's a couple pics, one of E and one of J trying to console E... although he's probably the reason E is crying :)

Not much else new to report. It warmed up on Tuesday and we were able to get outside twice. I'd just pop E in the sling, zip my jacket over us and away we go! In the afternoon we went on a walk with the dog. So I had E in the sling, J in the stroller and was holding the dog leash with my left hand. I felt very busy to say the least... and got quite a few looks. Not sure if it's because of the baby in the sling (I know it's more popular in some places that others), or just the sight of all of us! LOL!

But it's back to being cold now. Booo!


April said...

ahahaha, people just don't know what to make of that sling, do they? Amazing to me, really.

He is getting so big, and just as precious and beautiful as he could possibly be too! You make some pretty babies, girl, that is for sure!

Ayelet said...

I have so many pictures of Ava and Emily while Emily is screaming bloody murder and Ava (who probably was the instigator) trying to comfort her. Ahhh, memories...

Anonymous said...

Hello T,

Thanks so much for the pictures and the update on the boys! So adorable. Wasn't it nice for a few days? The snow is gone in OH too; just in time to add more before winter is over. HA!

Aunt J