Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday we went to our Moms Group Valentines Day party! J decorated a sugar cookie and made a lovely heart craft while there :) For me, it was the first time I went out with the boys with a set time and destination. It went well, but man was I exhausted the rest of the day. J decided not to nap since he fell asleep for a whole TWO minutes. So yesterday afternoon was looooooong to say the least!

Today G and I are going on our first date since before E was born. We're going to try out a "new to us" sushi place. We'll be going for a lunch date, since our babysitter Aunt Meggy has her own date later in the evening! She's gonna watch both boys... bless her... she'll probably be waiting at the door to hand them over! :)

Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day!

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April said...

Yea! Have fun on your date!