Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Houston!

Well, we have arrived in Houston! G & J made their cross country car trip here and met E and I at the airport on Monday. You couldn't of asked for a better baby on the plane... I was sooo relieved that E did so well!

Tuesday we had the final walk through with the builder of the house. Then we closed that afternoon!

Wednesday was move in day. We were completely moved in by 2pm... our movers were great and they both were in their 60's and were some strong, fast men, let me tell ya!! Our new fang-dangle fridge and front loading washer and dryers arrived during that time too! Then with G's parents here we started unpacking! What a feat!

Thursday and Friday... more unpacking, putting away, etc, etc, and repeat :)

Saturday was a very rainy and stormy day. I did make my first trip to the grocery store... it was great to get to shop at a Krogers again!

Sunday we did a lot of little stuff that seemed to take all day! We did go mattress and furniture shopping for a bit in the afternoon. Thank goodness for online shopping... shopping in person with a 2 yr old and a 4 mth old is not much fun for anyone! ha!

Monday we finally got TV, phone, and internet. The latter being a lifesaver for me... you don't realize how much you do online until you don't have it anymore! It felt good to get "wired" again, LOL!

Today I'm going to try to have a somewhat normal day with minimal unpacking (we're almost done) and stuff. Gonna just focus on letting the boys play and try to get in a Target trip. They're one of the few places that sell my favorite planet friendly non toxic cleaning supplies... Method! Gotta get the Omop with all this tile!!

The boys are doing great! Every day J seems to get older and taller too! He still loves playing with his trucks... but his new thing is planes... loves planes! Gets a tad angry (with the emotion of a 2 yr old) when he sees planes in the sky and can't have the key to them to fly himself. Or when his toy plane won't fly in the sky like the ones he sees. Those times I'm left scratching my head... how to explain the why/how to a 2 yr old and not just say "Because, that's why".

E is a growing boy as well! He turned 4 mths last Thursday and is almost 18 lbs! We got the exersaucer out and he's loving playing with that! Right now he WAS napping in his swing... but just woke up and is trying to sit up in it! So better go!

P.S. Please ignore the mound of books and toys in the background of J's pic. We're getting a big storage system from Ikea for it all. Can't wait!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bye Bye IL House!

Sorry I've been MIA... but I have a good excuse right? Well that and after a year of scorning Facebook, I joined it and now have a nice fat addiction. LOL.

So today the packers came and packed up all of our stuff. We are being moved by the "official movers of the chicago cubs"... the cubbies logo is on the side of each box. Kinda cool. I knew G would enjoy that! J even heard me and the guy talking about it and went and got his cubbies hat to put on and "Show guy hat!"... it was very very cute. Everyday he does things that make me look at him and think... wow... where in the heck did my little baby go?? Let's not even speak of my littlest baby... he's only 3 mths but he's wearing 6-9 mth clothes and I swear acts like he's about that age too! These boys are going to keep me busy no matter what!!

While I'm being all reflective I must say while we're beyond excited to move to Texas... it's sad to be leaving our first home. We built this place. Picked it out when it was just a spot of dirt. We built it, got engaged, got married, got a dog, started planning for a family, had J, I became a stay at home mama, then we added E to our little family. Lots of wonderful things have happened here. We just plain outgrew the space... and Greg outgrew his job (in a good way!) :) It's time to move on... but this will still be the place we brought our babies home to! I have trouble imagining that years from now the memories of this place will get a little fuzzy... it's so much a part of so many great things.

But I can only feel sadness for so long... then it's BRING ON THE EXCITEMENT! Can't wait to be telling all about the house soon! I'll probably be MIA again due to the move... but I'll probably be able to hope online from time to time to feed my facebook addiction, LOL :)