Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow! Soooo behind!

If anyone is still reading my blog, sorry I haven't updated! Most of you that do read are on Facebook so it'd probably pretty redunant. Not sure if anyone else besides you gals were reading anyways. I had hoped to be able to use this blog for reflection, daily summaries, etc... but it just hadn't turned out that way! I could blame the move, the boys, etc... but it just hadn't sparked the "journaling" bug I had hoped it would.

BUT I'll still be posting, so don't un-bookmark me yet :)


Anonymous said...

Hi T,

I follow your facebook but I sometimes feel like I'm evesdropping on you and your friends. :) Thanks so much for keeping on keeping on ~ no matter where you do it.

Aunt J

Tys said...

Don't feel that way!! There's such a wide group of people on there probably each "group" feels that way! Oh and it's not eavesdropping if I'm putting it on facebook! :)