Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June already!

Hard to believe how fast time flies!

We just got home from our first moms group event... a park/playground meet up. It's great because it's at the park right around the corner.

It was nice! I still get WAY TOO HOT really fast, as do the boys! But we'll probably adjust this summer and think we actually need a coat this winter or something. ha ha!

I have a neighbor two doors down that has a 22mth old boy and will have a baby girl in Sept. So hopefully it's the beginnings of a friendship for us and the kids! She said she came and knocked on our door yesterday... too bad we were up in the playroom and didn't hear it :( Funny cause I was just thinking about knocking on her door the other day too! This neighborly stuff is all new to me... but I think we can get used to it!

Personally, going through some stress right now. I just don't understand why some people have to be so immature and selfish... or just plain dumb. But the house is starting to come together, G likes his job, and the boys are doing great! So all is well :)

The above pic is of E in the highchair for the first time! I'll start him on babyfood in a few weeks when he turns 6 mths old. I make my own babyfood, I love the whole process of it... the cutting veggies/fruit, steaming, mashing, blending, etc. It's relaxing to me! Anyway, I did this with J too... I put him in the highchair about a month ahead of time to start getting used to things. Like the "meal times", sitting in the chair, and let him learn through play with a sippy of water!