Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And now it's July!!

Well time is just flying ever since we moved here!! Guess it's being so busy! We've had a good month since I last checked in. E is now 6 mths old... and J will be 3 in 3 mths... oh my!!

E is really enjoying the babyfood I've been making for him and loving crawling about and checking out everything. J has been potty training and is doing GREAT! We're going to visit friends on the 4th... so it'll be a good test for being somewhere different. I'm sure he'll do just fine... but we'll have backup clothes just in case :) We're all still enjoying the pool often... the baby LOVES splashing in it! G usually takes J during the weekend after he cuts the grass. Then I take them during the week... I probably look pretty funny holding the back in front of me and J piggybacking or floating behind me! :)

In our new home we have a home theater/media room. We decided to make it into an exercise room instead. So we have the treadmill, elliptical, weight bench, weights (one HEAVY set for G and one LIGHT set for me) along with my pilates ball and mat. All we now is to use it! G has been better than me, big surprise! The only time to do it is once J is in bed. But by that time I'm so beat from the day that the last thing I want to do is exercise! So still trying to find motivation, because obiviously just looking in the mirror isn't enough!

It's been in the 100's here! Yippee! You do kind of melt out there... but I'm just thrilled by it! Especially come "winter"... sooooo excited not to freeze in negative temps in side for months on end! Well worth melting during the summer if you ask me!

So far I've pretty much loved everything about living in Texas! But I have found 2 things... their drivers license process is the worse ever. I waited for over 3 hrs to get mine which ends up being a piece of paper that you have to carry around for 8 plus weeks until the real one arrives in the mail. Crazy thing is that no one/where in Texas accepts that as a vaild piece of identification. So no buying beer, wine, flying, cashing checks, or anything until we get our real licenses! What a fiasco!

The other is the library. What a pathetic excuse for a library... small, old, dirty and crowded as all get out. Not to mention their book selection is nonexistant. The books they have that ARE good are on a waiting list as long as their drivers licenses lines. They don't have any good programs either... so gotta get over being spoiled from our past library and try to "enjoy" this one as much as possible.

Have been having lots of visitors lately. Had a friend couple come visit the first of June for the day. Then my dad came and visited for a few days last week. Yesterday an old co-worker friend from Atlanta (working a consult job in Houston) stopped by for breakfast. Then next week G's sister is coming to visit for a bit.

Still getting the house together... somedays I fear I'll never get it done. We're completely unpacked but nothing is decorated yet except the boys rooms. We'll get there eventually I guess!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ Thanks for writing an update! It is great to hear all about what has been happening. I'm so sorry to hear about the library not being up to par. That would be a huge disappointment. Bummer... From what you are describing about the temps in TX in the summer, I will make sure my next visit to see you all will be in one of the other seasons. LOL Take Care. Much Love, Aunt J