Monday, July 27, 2009

Ha Ha, or maybe not!

Now all of the sudden I feel like blogging again... lol! You just never know what the day/week/month will bring!

Let's see... lately I've been addicted to pretty cool stuff! One side was able to trace back to Davey Crockett... I'm his g-g-g-g-great niece! ha! Another side I was able to follow back to the 1500s in Swizterland! Never had a clue I had any Swiss any me! Cool! I've requested some help from G's mom to send me info on their families... G doesn't know squat about his fam! They said they can trace back to Alexander Hamilton... so I'd actually like to attempt that connection for the boys :)

Which brings me to my little heirloom project. Before J was born G's mom gave me his baby fork & spoon. Then after his birth G's Gma S passed on HER engraved baby fork to us! So I thought... this could be a neat thing to collect if I can find more. So I asked my Gma D... and she gave me my moms engraved spoon and my Gpa Ds. So cool! I then put them away... until the move and now I have a project-itis :)

I'd like to get a shadow box for these. Maybe through in a neat quote and I "think" I want to hang it in my kitchen. In the meantime I'm gonna see if I can acquire one more baby spoon or fork from other sides of the fam. Then I think I'll do my project soon! The ancestry stuff must of gave me a little kick in the pants to finally wrap up this project :) Fun!

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