Friday, July 24, 2009

We're still here!

I just lost my drive for blogging! Sorry!

All is well. Settling into Texas! Let's see J is potty trained!! YAY! E is a babyfood eating machine and is now pulling himself up into standing position!

End of the season sales for patio furniture lead us to furnish the back patio. It's a great back patio with brick columns and a roof! So we got a neat ceiling fan for out there and really nice table and chair set! It's so comfy! J lounging back in the chairs is just too funny! Now I just need to get some plants out there AND we need to do some landscaping in the backyard. But hey for now just grass is fine.

Speaking of grass I find it so funny that E just crawls out in like it's nothing. I remember it took J a good month of checking it out from the blanket before he decided to venture out in it. E just crawled right out and was going all over. Eventually he just rolled over and rested a bit! He's such a cute little dude!

G's sis came to visit us last week. We had an awesome time! so the pic above is from one of our many outings!!

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