Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling easily peeved today...

So I'll try to talk about fun things! Last Friday we went to another fun moms group outing. It was to celebrate all the August birthdays... it was held at the community center... so pretty much just a big ole room for the kids to bring toys and run around in!

I felt like a slacker though. The info said to bring a toy for your kid and it said cupcakes would be supplied by the mom of the month (on mom a month supplies the bday celebration). Well everyone came with all these ride-on toys, balls, etc for the kids to play with (smart!) and snacks and drinks to share. I brought one truck for J and 2 toys for E, oh and a banana but that was just because E could eat it in his mesh safe feeder thing. To say I felt like a smuck was an understatment. The we had a great time... I just hope no one else noticed what I noticed!

Saturday we had company over. G's friend and his wife. J loves them and just wanted them to chase him... they don't have kids and you could tell they were embarassed at the thought of chasing him around in front of other people. Funny how for a rather insecure person I can be... I don't even think twice about making as ass of myself if it's for my babes! :) Anyway, the guys did their fantasy football draft later that night after J was in bed and her and I tried watching Eagle Eye on TV but we both kept nodding off! Aren't we a blast?!?! LOL!

Well E is up from his nap! Gotta go!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Learnin fun Mama"

Said J yesterday! So far so good on our "learning times"... he told G all about it. "Had school today. Learnin fun!" We did some fun things yesterday and today... I'm kind of winging it at this point (but witha basic plan in mind) trying to find our groove.

I'm really glad we decided to do this!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kids in Action indeed!

Friday we went to another moms group meet up... this time at a play/gym/activity place! It was fun... 45 mins with the space just for our moms group! J and E both had a fabulous time. In fact J told me while we were there, on the way home, and when he got up from his nap... "Mama, that was fuuuun".

The room had a psuedo climbing wall, tons of mats in various shapes, wedges, steps, and stuff. There were big and small trampolines, rings to hang on and swing from, balance beams, and lots of other climbing planks, slides and tumble stuff! Not to mention balls and hula hoops of all sizes!

Towards the end they turned up the music and on came a bubble machine!! Both boys enjoyed that... J jumped up to get them and stomped on them. E just crawled everywhere (didn't care that he was amongst a bunch of little stomping feet) and smacked all the bubbles that made it to the floor!

It was a bit far for us to get to so both boys feel asleep on the way home and it screwed up the nap taking for the day. BUT can't beat the fun they had! So we'll take the bad with the good and the good with the bad :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh a-learning we will go!

Homeschool preschool that is!

So after much research and consideration we decided not to send J anywhere for preschool this year. He is an October baby so he won't be able to start Kindy until 2012! I just think 3 years of preschool is borderline overkill. I looked into some programs here and it's hard to find a good fit. The only one I really liked was the Montessori school and it's over $500/mth! Eeek!

This year we'll be doing homeschool preschool, it'll be a great fit for us! We pretty much just learn things as they come up around here. But figured that a structured plan would be good. Then perhaps we'll start him next year, if not then definitely the year before he goes to K.

Already have the curriculum picked out, organized with the weeks of the year (each week getting a letter, number, color and shape), and supplies mostly purchased! We'll be starting out introduction to learning next Monday! Then will start with the letter A the following week. We'll be doing most of our sit down learning time when E takes his AM and then PM naps. Then each week we'll try to go to something either during the week or weekend (with daddy) as field trip for what we did that week. Can't wait! Getting a membership at the zoo since the wonderful weather will allow us to go year round (except maybe the summer, lol!) - lots there that can tie in to what we're learning. For the socialization that everyone gets so bent out of shape over... we'll have plenty of activities through our moms group! For each playdate there's also a little side thing done with the toddler for a structured storytime, song and then a craft!

So that's what we're doing this year! I'm very excited about this... you'll probably be seeing here or hearing about what we're doing throughout the year!

Off to the pool to meet up with our neighbor and her son (once E gets up of course!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found a new Moms group for us!

I've equated making/finding mom friends is like dating. It's not as easy as one would think it is or should be. Finding a moms group is like getting a group of friends w/o being friends first. So they're not always a perfect fit.

When we first moved here I was so excited to find out that our neighborhood had it's own stay at home mom group! cool! But over the months found it just wasn't going to work for me. One of the major reasons... lack of organization and the "no rsvp policy". Drove me batty. They'd list things to do, but there was no way to tell if anyone else was going. I went to the park they'd say they were going to be at only to have no one else show. That makes me NUTS... I can do stuff ALONE anytime! I want interaction for J and for me! When I first signed up I told the organizer that I was pretty involved with my IL moms group. She told me to please make suggestions on how to make the group better. So I finally mentioned that RSVPing is nice, because more people are likely to attend when they know others are going to be there. She responded to me with "No, this group will remain with a no rsvp policy. That's how I choose to run things. Thank you for your feedback, but I will run the group as I see fit."

Yikes. So off I went a-googling to see what else I could find.

Found a local group called "Hip Moms and Trendy Tots"... not that I think I'm hip in the least or that my kids are trendy... but that main thing is that it's a very active group! Very organized with rsvp, no-show and sick kid policies... I do believe I squeed with delight when I read it all! Yippee!

So yesterday was our first playgroup. J was his normal shy self but ended up having fun and E was such a flirt with all the moms!! He'd just crawl around and check everyone/everything out and would just laugh out loud while sitting amongst all the toys and kids!!

Tonight I'm off to see The Time Travelers Wife with some of the moms from the group! Then on Friday we're meeting a at "Little Gym" type place for the private play with just the kids of the group... mats, balls, things to jump on and off and stuff like that. Can't wait!

So hopefully we've made a fit as members of the group... and maybe just maybe a mom friend might end up being made as well!

P.S. E is now 8 months old!! He's been pulling myself up on stuff for over a month and now and is such a jibber-jabberer :) J will be 3 in less than 2 mths... oh my... it just makes me speechless!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hate the Sickies!!

So two Fridays ago we went to our 3rd moms group function.. a playgroup. It was nice. J had a great time... and I guess E did to be default and he wasn't hungry and tired. LOL. Well, little did we know germ warfare was taking place.

J started getting sick on Sunday. Then Wednesday E got. That night was terrible... J was up all night hacking up a lung and E got at fever of 103... which is NOT good, especially for a baby! Luckily for good ole motrin came through and the fever came back down. Due to the fever I called the nurses line and they gave us a very ambiguous... "Come in if you feel you need to". Well, Hell, I don't know... that's why I'm calling!

We made an appt. Since J would be a new patient the only opening for a new patient & also a sibling appt was at 11:30... during nap time. They both usually go down for a nap between 11-11:30am. G was way too busy at work, and I was starting to get sick as well. I was not looking forward to it at all.

$70 later we find out they just have very very nasty colds. But the good thing was that they were both really really good boys! Even the doc thought they were both being so good for how crappy they must of felt. Whew!

We're getting better. No more fevers for E and J only hacked the first part of the night last night. Mine never went beyond a sore throat. I just want us all to be healthy again! The sickies suck! :(

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

I'm posting about this wherever I can so, I apologize for any repeats. It's just something I'm passionate about. As educated and scienitific as our country is ridiculously far behind on the information/education/awareness and SUPPORT for breastfeeding. Leave to our nation to oversexualize something like feeding your baby. Leave to our nation's consumer mind to buy into man-made substance...and then make people think you'll look poor if you don't use formula (like in the 50's & 60's)! Most doctors/pedis are so ho-hum about it... there's just zero support and it's pathetic. So many mamas try and have to give up to what I totally believe is just plain lack of support. If more mamas had support, more mamas would do it, and more mamas would then have support... it would be a wonderful cycle.

BUT no, instead it's about worrying if you've offended someone. Are you freaking kidding me. It's about people giving suggestions of feeding the baby in the bathroom... now that just makes steam come out of my ears... would you EAT your food in the bathroom? If someone happens to be a working mom, well they aren't really left with many choices. Yah there's pumps... but you'd have to be hooked up to one to really understand that suggestion. They're outrageously expensive and again there's no place for a mom to go pump while she is at work... again there's the old bathroom excuse. My tip my nursing pad to them, because it was hard enough being a stay at home mom and nursing... can't imagine adding in all that extra work and planning that goes into that!

Obviously I could go on for hours. Those that know me know I'm not one to push my ideals on you or preach... but on same side of that I also am not a "fighter". I've never done a nurse-in and I don't debate with people about it or write letters when I hear of a mom being told to "cover up". So I try to do my part and be as supportive as I can possibly be and try to misinform when I hear wrong information being said.... oh and post about it when I get a bug in my rear about it :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything bad about people that use formula. I just wish the support was there for the people that DO breastfeed or want to but are not getting the support they should. My beef isn't with moms... it's with society! I think Sweden would be a GREAT explain as a pro-mommy & pro-baby take on things like breastfeeding, maternity leave and stuff like that! Go Sweden, lol :)

The boys are great proof of success!! I weaned J at 13 mths (never was sick until a month after he weaned!)... when I had E, I was in the shower when the Lactation Consultant stopped by the room to see if we needed help. G told her how long I fed J... and for the rest of my stay the other LCs were stopping by to tell me they were so proud of me. Funny, because I didn't feel like I was doing any great feat... I was just feeding my baby until the right time for him & I to wean! E is also doing just as great on the mama milk! Kudos to the other nursing moms, kudos to those who gave it a shot, and especially kudos to those that offer their support. Sometimes some of the biggest support another person can give is to just not act like a freaking weirdo when a mom needs to nurse the baby. It would be awesome if every nursing mom heard "Way'd it go"!!

Alrighty, stepping off my random soapbox moment :)

P.S. I once saw a slogan... "I make milk, what's your superpower?" Cracks me up! Along with the non-nursing related... "I'm so crafty I make people"