Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling easily peeved today...

So I'll try to talk about fun things! Last Friday we went to another fun moms group outing. It was to celebrate all the August birthdays... it was held at the community center... so pretty much just a big ole room for the kids to bring toys and run around in!

I felt like a slacker though. The info said to bring a toy for your kid and it said cupcakes would be supplied by the mom of the month (on mom a month supplies the bday celebration). Well everyone came with all these ride-on toys, balls, etc for the kids to play with (smart!) and snacks and drinks to share. I brought one truck for J and 2 toys for E, oh and a banana but that was just because E could eat it in his mesh safe feeder thing. To say I felt like a smuck was an understatment. The we had a great time... I just hope no one else noticed what I noticed!

Saturday we had company over. G's friend and his wife. J loves them and just wanted them to chase him... they don't have kids and you could tell they were embarassed at the thought of chasing him around in front of other people. Funny how for a rather insecure person I can be... I don't even think twice about making as ass of myself if it's for my babes! :) Anyway, the guys did their fantasy football draft later that night after J was in bed and her and I tried watching Eagle Eye on TV but we both kept nodding off! Aren't we a blast?!?! LOL!

Well E is up from his nap! Gotta go!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,

Last Friday was a learning experience that's all. Quit being so hard on yourself. Next time you will know what the other moms bring. :)

Love you,
Aunt J