Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found a new Moms group for us!

I've equated making/finding mom friends is like dating. It's not as easy as one would think it is or should be. Finding a moms group is like getting a group of friends w/o being friends first. So they're not always a perfect fit.

When we first moved here I was so excited to find out that our neighborhood had it's own stay at home mom group! cool! But over the months found it just wasn't going to work for me. One of the major reasons... lack of organization and the "no rsvp policy". Drove me batty. They'd list things to do, but there was no way to tell if anyone else was going. I went to the park they'd say they were going to be at only to have no one else show. That makes me NUTS... I can do stuff ALONE anytime! I want interaction for J and for me! When I first signed up I told the organizer that I was pretty involved with my IL moms group. She told me to please make suggestions on how to make the group better. So I finally mentioned that RSVPing is nice, because more people are likely to attend when they know others are going to be there. She responded to me with "No, this group will remain with a no rsvp policy. That's how I choose to run things. Thank you for your feedback, but I will run the group as I see fit."

Yikes. So off I went a-googling to see what else I could find.

Found a local group called "Hip Moms and Trendy Tots"... not that I think I'm hip in the least or that my kids are trendy... but that main thing is that it's a very active group! Very organized with rsvp, no-show and sick kid policies... I do believe I squeed with delight when I read it all! Yippee!

So yesterday was our first playgroup. J was his normal shy self but ended up having fun and E was such a flirt with all the moms!! He'd just crawl around and check everyone/everything out and would just laugh out loud while sitting amongst all the toys and kids!!

Tonight I'm off to see The Time Travelers Wife with some of the moms from the group! Then on Friday we're meeting a at "Little Gym" type place for the private play with just the kids of the group... mats, balls, things to jump on and off and stuff like that. Can't wait!

So hopefully we've made a fit as members of the group... and maybe just maybe a mom friend might end up being made as well!

P.S. E is now 8 months old!! He's been pulling myself up on stuff for over a month and now and is such a jibber-jabberer :) J will be 3 in less than 2 mths... oh my... it just makes me speechless!

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Anonymous said...


YEAH! Sounds like your search for a new Moms group paid off. Good for you for not accepting something that wasn't a fit before.

Love ya,
Aunt J