Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh a-learning we will go!

Homeschool preschool that is!

So after much research and consideration we decided not to send J anywhere for preschool this year. He is an October baby so he won't be able to start Kindy until 2012! I just think 3 years of preschool is borderline overkill. I looked into some programs here and it's hard to find a good fit. The only one I really liked was the Montessori school and it's over $500/mth! Eeek!

This year we'll be doing homeschool preschool, it'll be a great fit for us! We pretty much just learn things as they come up around here. But figured that a structured plan would be good. Then perhaps we'll start him next year, if not then definitely the year before he goes to K.

Already have the curriculum picked out, organized with the weeks of the year (each week getting a letter, number, color and shape), and supplies mostly purchased! We'll be starting out introduction to learning next Monday! Then will start with the letter A the following week. We'll be doing most of our sit down learning time when E takes his AM and then PM naps. Then each week we'll try to go to something either during the week or weekend (with daddy) as field trip for what we did that week. Can't wait! Getting a membership at the zoo since the wonderful weather will allow us to go year round (except maybe the summer, lol!) - lots there that can tie in to what we're learning. For the socialization that everyone gets so bent out of shape over... we'll have plenty of activities through our moms group! For each playdate there's also a little side thing done with the toddler for a structured storytime, song and then a craft!

So that's what we're doing this year! I'm very excited about this... you'll probably be seeing here or hearing about what we're doing throughout the year!

Off to the pool to meet up with our neighbor and her son (once E gets up of course!)

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Kelly said...

I can't wait to hear about all the fun things you and Jake are going to be doing! You're so organized about it too, I'm impressed. :)