Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chop, chop!

Finally got my haircut on Friday! I was so excited about it. Then had to wait 15 min for my appt and got less excited. I felt like I clicked with the stylist. I wanted a change.. but since I've had went 6 mths w/o getting it cut I think she was scared to do a huge change. Which is fine, she doesn't know me and doesn't know I've had my hair just about every length (even super short!) and every color. I'm sure to her I just look like this boring frumpy mom... so she probably was nicely trying to not overwhelm me with having any style, lol!

It's okay. Others tell me it's cute. Not exactly what I had pictured, but it will do. Whatever.

I made it to the dentist yesterday. That was kind of a bomb too. That broken tooth is actually a hole in my tooth (wasn't even a cavity). Reaching up pretty close to the nerve. So since it was a strategic hell just getting THAT appt for me. Of course any kind of follow up appt was just going to be almost impossible. Between the lack of business hours down here and G being gone from work from 7am to 6pm pretty much doesn't leave me much chance to go. While I'm a bit nervous of having anyone other than family watch the boys I did check out sittercity. By the time I narrowed down the search to: background check, nonsmoker, ok with pets, has own transportation, that wasn't 18, and didn't live 15 miles away... I was left with one... that was only looking for a full time nanny position! Ugh!

Called the dentist and luckily they sometimes work on Friday. So when we get back from IN, I have an appt that next morning at 7am and then G has his 6mth check up at 8:30am... so it makes it worth the time for them to come in I guess? So at least that's on the books... but now I have these fears that my teeth are going to fall out of my head or that I'm going to need a root canal or something!! Eeek!

This Friday I have an eye appt at 6pm. Damn these things are getting hard to schedule and going to all this crap is getting annoying. But it will be nice to have new glasses and contacts that are correct :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sickies can stay away!

Poor E is a fireball :( No other symptoms accept high fever and being a little lethargic.

I feel bad. Poor E has gotten sick twice with high fevers and he's only 9 mths! So far no one else seems to have anything.

Makes me wonder where he got the bug from? The fever was obivious at 9am yesterday. Couldn't of been from the playdate on Tuesday because first of all he napped for most of the time anyone was here. Monday we went to the park, but E was in the stroller the whole time since it was a park with sand for surfacing so it was all over everything... he couldn't even crawl on the equipment - the sand was hurting his knees!

Sunday we stayed home. Saturday we did go to Hobby Lobby... seems kind of delayed if he got it from Hobby Lobby. But he was in the cart w/o the cart seat cover thing I have (their carts are sooo much smaller, it is too big for them). Friday we went on a little "field trip" to the neighborhood fire station. E was in the stroller the whole time there too... guess a kid could of sneezed on him. By the way, I thought Jake would be sooo stoked about getting to be at the fire station, see the trucks, etc... he was ho-hum about it. He did get to help a fireman spray the hose... but the thing he talked about the most was that the firestation has HUGE air conditioners and they clicked on right as we walked by when leaving! LOL!

It's been a super long 2 days. Poor little guy just wants to be held. He normally lets you hold him for like 2 seconds before he's all squirmy. Yesterday we sat on the couch for over an hour while Jake played and just vegged. It was nice to snuggle with him since soon he'll be too busy playing... but I'm sad it was because he was sick :(

Tonight there's a Moms Night In... we're getting together at another moms house for a Pampered Chef host to give us a little cooking show! Cool huh? I am excited about it, but this week has left me drain! Good news is... I get my hair cut on tomorrow and I go to the dentist on Monday!! Oh boy :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So much to do!! Eeek!

So I have a gaggle of things/appts I need to get done. I have no clue how I'm going to get it all done.

First my eyes. My glasses give me a headache... I think because they're chunky and don't have nose pieces so after wearing for too long they create pain. My contacts no longer seem like the right script or even fit my eyes right. Like they're someone elses... I triple checked, they're mine!

Second my hair. I haven't had my hair cut since April 1st (yah April Fools day, funny huh) and oh my it is in desperate need of a cut. Not only do I need it cut, need a style. I have no clue what I want to do. I think I want something fun and cute but w/o the maintenance... I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist!

Third my teeth. Right when we moved I all of the sudden have a slight gap between two of my molars that I've never had before (my teeth have always been crammed in tight). Which means I again lost a piece of a tooth. Last year I lost a tip to one of my canines while eat pot roast, a pretty soft meal. So I'm totally freaked. I'm scared of the dentist, even after all the work I've had done. I have horrible nightmares that my teeth are falling out. So bottom line, need to get to the dentist.. timing is right too since it's been 6 mths since my last check up!

Fourth... what is fourth? There were four things and now I've forgotten the last one. LOL.

Anyway, problem with ALL of this is that nowhere down here has evening hours. They all close at 5 or 6pm. G doesn't get home until between 5-6pm, I need to put E to bed so I can't really get out the door until 6pm. That's not the only problem... where in the hell to go is the other! Randomly pick out of a search? Proximity? Drive by and like the place? See an Ad for the place and think, we'll she looks nice I'll use her?

Now if I could just remember the fourth thing!! G needs new tires, his are pretty much bald... but that's not it. We need to go on a freaking date (only been once since E was born)... but that's not it either. I do need to call E's pedi in the morning though... poor baby has a sucking blister on his thumb. I'm pretty sure it's infected since it's white/yellow and has a red ring around it. Poor guy! But that wasn't it either... now if I could just find where I put my mind ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What you really want to see!

So I'm guessing my ramblings aren't very popular... so here's what you really come here for right???
These were from our Labor Day outing to the local nature center. J is by the snakes (ick), E looking at this creepy thing called a Lesser Siren (like an eel with front legs, ick!) and I agree with his expression, lol!! Then one of me (sorry so scary) with the boys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foot in Mouth!

I can't seem to get my foot out of my mouth lately. Or so it feels like.

I'm having a hard time submersing myself into the culture down here so to speak. Culture isn't the right word, but it's the best one I can come up with right now. I've found every single stay at home mom I know to have a complete round of services... a weekly maid (doing all the cleaning, all the laundry, stripping of beds, you name it), lawncare, gym membership, constant spa trips, kids in daycare, and it goes on. I'm not saying anything againt either of the services, I can certainly see their merit. But really? That just sort of seems like overkill to me. It makes me feel like an alien when they're all talking about the "help". Most of the "help" is related to each other in some way.

I think there's something to be said for doing somethings yourself, letting things get a little hairy (it reminds you why you need to do it and appreciate), and especially having the kids see you do things and have them partake in things. Seems like so many people (even from my generation,not just the current younger one) are all about ME, ME, ME and have no respect for taking care of things, property, etc. How can they learn that if they're seeing mommy and daddy have people do their work for them but have me talk about them having chores. That'd seem a bit hypocritical and would probably not carry as much weight with them.

Dumb me brought this up to some others I know. Oops. I came across totally wrong like I don't like gym memberships, or whatever. Ugh. Go me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Where have the last 2 weeks gone?

I swear it was just the end of August! Now E will be 9 mths old this week, I will be THIRTY-ONE (gulp) in couple weeks, and J will be 3 in a month!!!! Oh my!!

Labor Day weekend was a blur. I got really sick with Mastitis. I would like to say that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... but actually I just might! What yuck.

It was to be a busy week for us... playdate, childrens museum, and G's parents coming to visit. But both boys caught the snots at our Little Gym outing that Friday and were then on house arrest. Contrary to some parents, I don't like to take my kids out in public with green snot slugs coming out of their noses!

They got better just in time for Meegaw and Pago to come visit. It was a nice visit, J had so much fun with them and E had a good time being his cute self :)

We've been doing our "learning time" and it's still going great! After the introduction week, each week is all about a letter, number, shape and color! Then there's also a little theme to help try to tie them together!

Aug 31st week: Letter A, Number 1, Circle and the color Red. Apples was our little sub-theme!

Sept 7th week: Letter B, Number 2, Triangle, and the color Blue. Bugs was our sub theme!

This week: Letter C, Number 3, Square and the color black!

Eekk... gotta go referee!

Having trouble posting..

I've tried like 4 times with these huge long posts and it freezes on me :( Talk about a lot of work for nothing! If this posts with no probs I'll try to post more!!