Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sickies can stay away!

Poor E is a fireball :( No other symptoms accept high fever and being a little lethargic.

I feel bad. Poor E has gotten sick twice with high fevers and he's only 9 mths! So far no one else seems to have anything.

Makes me wonder where he got the bug from? The fever was obivious at 9am yesterday. Couldn't of been from the playdate on Tuesday because first of all he napped for most of the time anyone was here. Monday we went to the park, but E was in the stroller the whole time since it was a park with sand for surfacing so it was all over everything... he couldn't even crawl on the equipment - the sand was hurting his knees!

Sunday we stayed home. Saturday we did go to Hobby Lobby... seems kind of delayed if he got it from Hobby Lobby. But he was in the cart w/o the cart seat cover thing I have (their carts are sooo much smaller, it is too big for them). Friday we went on a little "field trip" to the neighborhood fire station. E was in the stroller the whole time there too... guess a kid could of sneezed on him. By the way, I thought Jake would be sooo stoked about getting to be at the fire station, see the trucks, etc... he was ho-hum about it. He did get to help a fireman spray the hose... but the thing he talked about the most was that the firestation has HUGE air conditioners and they clicked on right as we walked by when leaving! LOL!

It's been a super long 2 days. Poor little guy just wants to be held. He normally lets you hold him for like 2 seconds before he's all squirmy. Yesterday we sat on the couch for over an hour while Jake played and just vegged. It was nice to snuggle with him since soon he'll be too busy playing... but I'm sad it was because he was sick :(

Tonight there's a Moms Night In... we're getting together at another moms house for a Pampered Chef host to give us a little cooking show! Cool huh? I am excited about it, but this week has left me drain! Good news is... I get my hair cut on tomorrow and I go to the dentist on Monday!! Oh boy :)


Ayelet said...

Poor E!! I remember Emily getting colds more often (and earlier) than Ava every did. I think she just got them from her sister...even if Ava didn't get sick, she'd pass them (ever so lovingly) to Em. Ah, siblings. Yay for your MNI and your haircut!! Boo to your dentist appointment ( SIL is a dentist in Houston if you need a referral!)

Anonymous said...

Roseola?? Both of my boys had it around E's for a rash after the fever breaks :) Hope he feels better soon!