Sunday, September 20, 2009

So much to do!! Eeek!

So I have a gaggle of things/appts I need to get done. I have no clue how I'm going to get it all done.

First my eyes. My glasses give me a headache... I think because they're chunky and don't have nose pieces so after wearing for too long they create pain. My contacts no longer seem like the right script or even fit my eyes right. Like they're someone elses... I triple checked, they're mine!

Second my hair. I haven't had my hair cut since April 1st (yah April Fools day, funny huh) and oh my it is in desperate need of a cut. Not only do I need it cut, need a style. I have no clue what I want to do. I think I want something fun and cute but w/o the maintenance... I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist!

Third my teeth. Right when we moved I all of the sudden have a slight gap between two of my molars that I've never had before (my teeth have always been crammed in tight). Which means I again lost a piece of a tooth. Last year I lost a tip to one of my canines while eat pot roast, a pretty soft meal. So I'm totally freaked. I'm scared of the dentist, even after all the work I've had done. I have horrible nightmares that my teeth are falling out. So bottom line, need to get to the dentist.. timing is right too since it's been 6 mths since my last check up!

Fourth... what is fourth? There were four things and now I've forgotten the last one. LOL.

Anyway, problem with ALL of this is that nowhere down here has evening hours. They all close at 5 or 6pm. G doesn't get home until between 5-6pm, I need to put E to bed so I can't really get out the door until 6pm. That's not the only problem... where in the hell to go is the other! Randomly pick out of a search? Proximity? Drive by and like the place? See an Ad for the place and think, we'll she looks nice I'll use her?

Now if I could just remember the fourth thing!! G needs new tires, his are pretty much bald... but that's not it. We need to go on a freaking date (only been once since E was born)... but that's not it either. I do need to call E's pedi in the morning though... poor baby has a sucking blister on his thumb. I'm pretty sure it's infected since it's white/yellow and has a red ring around it. Poor guy! But that wasn't it either... now if I could just find where I put my mind ;)


Bethany said...

Sounds like G needs to take a mental health day...for you :)I have the same frustration with doctors and such. I have to take off work for well child visits and I'd rather save those days for emergencies. I've got eye appts, hair appts, all for on fall break. Fun break...

Anonymous said...


Take a deep breath and let it out S L O W L Y. Now don't you feel better already? Your schedule does sound overwhelming, but just make a list and attack them one at a time. Nothing says they all have to be done tomorrow! Maybe G can ask around at work to see who other people use for dentist, etc.

Remember you are loved!
Aunt J