Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What you really want to see!

So I'm guessing my ramblings aren't very popular... so here's what you really come here for right???
These were from our Labor Day outing to the local nature center. J is by the snakes (ick), E looking at this creepy thing called a Lesser Siren (like an eel with front legs, ick!) and I agree with his expression, lol!! Then one of me (sorry so scary) with the boys!


April said...

tee hee hee, I feel like a heel Ty. I read your blog everytime you post, I just have been so horrible about commenting on anyone's blog lately. I'm sorry! I love the pictures, you don't look scary, you look lovely and keep the ramblings coming! I love them!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy ALL your postings! Just haven't been on the computer as much due to foot surgery.

Aunt J