Monday, September 14, 2009

Where have the last 2 weeks gone?

I swear it was just the end of August! Now E will be 9 mths old this week, I will be THIRTY-ONE (gulp) in couple weeks, and J will be 3 in a month!!!! Oh my!!

Labor Day weekend was a blur. I got really sick with Mastitis. I would like to say that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... but actually I just might! What yuck.

It was to be a busy week for us... playdate, childrens museum, and G's parents coming to visit. But both boys caught the snots at our Little Gym outing that Friday and were then on house arrest. Contrary to some parents, I don't like to take my kids out in public with green snot slugs coming out of their noses!

They got better just in time for Meegaw and Pago to come visit. It was a nice visit, J had so much fun with them and E had a good time being his cute self :)

We've been doing our "learning time" and it's still going great! After the introduction week, each week is all about a letter, number, shape and color! Then there's also a little theme to help try to tie them together!

Aug 31st week: Letter A, Number 1, Circle and the color Red. Apples was our little sub-theme!

Sept 7th week: Letter B, Number 2, Triangle, and the color Blue. Bugs was our sub theme!

This week: Letter C, Number 3, Square and the color black!

Eekk... gotta go referee!

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