Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! 31 years young?

Ha ha... no it's definitely years old not young. I always swore I wasn't going to be a woman that gets down on her age or whatever. You're only as old as you feel right? Well, I can't go with that because I feel a hell of a lot older then 31... but I don't want to feel OR be 31! Oh well, I don't really have any say in the matter do I?

I got tons of well wishes today, probably the most ever... thanks to good ole Facebook! I received some nice cards in the mail and this afternoon I received lovely flowers from all my guys!! It's a mixture of flowers, but J was right "beeaaauuutiful rooooses!" LOL!

Age aside, it certainly does not feel like my birthday. The weather doesn't feel right at all to be my birthday. Even Atlanta they get a sembelance of fall. My first birthday EVER that it was a high of 90 degrees out with a possibility of swimming this weekend! Thank you Texas! :)

Right now J and G are off getting some sushi carry out to top off my day!! Now only a root beer float from sonic while watching the office (on dvd, we're catching up on last season while dvring this season). But it might be too much to ask G to out AGAIN on my behalf :) We'll see how much I can milk it!

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Anonymous said...


It sounds like your had a wonderful birthday! Were you able to get the rootbeer float? LOL

I too can't belive that you are 31 ~ BUT ~ you are right about you are only as old as you feel and I wish to add; act.

Much Love,
Aunt J