Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!

So T minus 18 hrs until we leave the house for our 8:15am flight! Wish us luck we can totally use all the postive vibes we can possibly get coming our way!

We'll be spending the week in my hometown. We piggybacked our vacation onto a work trip for G. He'll be doing recruiting at his Alma Mater for a few days during his trip. One of the guys he recruited last year (the last time we were back there too!) works the floor below him!

There will be a little get together/all day open house sort of thing on Saturday for mostly visiting and catching up but also for J's 3rd birthday! He'll turn THREE while we're there!

It'll be nice to be able to visit fall and come back home :) We have highs in the 80's and with the humidity the "real feel" is 100! I've never experienced this in October!! Makes it hard to pack for colder weather! Talk about a temperature difference, the highest I saw for while we're there is 60! Lows close to freezing! Oh my... we're going to freeze our converted Texas booties off!

Oh and in other news... I didn't die from mastitis, whew! Went to a fun Moms Night Out thing last night at a local painting ceramics place. It was a ton of fun! I was worried about going due to being sick this week and getting behind on what I needed to do. But I made a Target shopping trip on my way there for things we needed for traveling... so it made it worth it! I'll be on Facebook due to my phone... but won't be around here or other sites. So check ya later ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,

Lots of positive vibes coming your way!

Love to all,
Aunt J