Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying to get back in the swing of things!

As if a weekend with Halloween AND Daylight Savings Time wasn't enough to screw things up. We all have a cold (that G caught at work and brought home) and I'm pretty sure I had a migraine. I had to cancel a playdate on Monday and then a trip with friends to the zoo on Tuesday. Ugh!

Lately I've been noticing when I get off the phone with a certain person I get a HUGE headache a few hours later. Then noise and light make it unbearable and I feel like I just want to puke. I usually have to go straight to bed once G gets home when this happens. It used to be everyonce and awhile. Now I notice it happens when ever I talk to one certain person. I usually out of obligation talk to this person once a week. There's just way too much baggage, ignorance, and general annoyance for me to handle anymore.

So gotta figure out a way to make the phone calls less and much shorter when they do take place. For my own sanity and well being. If it was just me I could just not call anymore. But once you become a parent, it's not just about you anymore. So gotta come up with a more creative way to fulfill my "obligation" but not cause anymore stress like this. It sucks.

Lately I've been sucked into the Twilight world. I never read Young Adult and the fact that it seemed like most people that read the series were people I've never heard talk about reading before. I figured it just wasn't my cup of tea. Well, I caved... and i have to say I enjoyed it! Yah the teen angst is a bit much for me and but I love the vampires, werewolves, and what not! I read each book in a day... so yah, it had my interest to say the least.

Now today I just bought the first four books of the Outlander series! $20 for all four books and shipping (they are NOT small books)! I found the series years ago when I lived in Atlanta. I was doing one of my favorite things... just wander the aisle and judge a book by it's cover. You just never know what you'll find! Anyway, since then I own the last few books... but not the first 4. The new one is out, and I'll probably ask for that for Christmas. So I want to reread the series before then. Now to stalking the mailbox daily ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi T,

So glad to read your email! I hope you find an acceptable resolution to what you think is causing the headaches. I bet it is affecting your blood pressure too... I'm not sure that I agree with your statement about obligations once you are a parent as my thinking is that I wouldn't want to expose my kids to that type of behavior as you know first hand how it affects people. Anyway, you know I respect whatever you do as always.

Love you loads,
Aunt J

Anonymous said...

She doesn't act bad towards them and I don't feel like its my place to decide for them. It's always been such a sticky situation.

Anonymous said...

Hang In