Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots going on here, seems hard to summarize!

J is in a big boy bed and doing awesome! E is in his crib sleeping from 6pm-6am and his naps are getting better. J has never been a wordy kid or a parrot... but he's now starting to chat up a storm. He knew it all, just didn't care to converse with us until now. I knew it! LOL!

E is doing rudimentary crawling!! Geez, he just turned 5 mths! He also got his first tooth about a month ago! He does NOT want to be a baby!

Well it's naptime for J so I'll post the pics and be done for now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giving away free stuff is a full time job!

So like any move you end up having stuff you no longer need or have use for. One thing we had was a full size mattress. It must of gotten water damage on one corner when in storage and it is now creaky. Other than that it's clean and sturdy.

I have been trying to give this thing away for FREE since Saturday morning! Have had countless emails... but I can't even beging to explain the painful process this is. We don't have a way to haul it and it's really only that one big thing so a charity truck isn't going to drive out for one thing. I feel better giving it to someone when I've disclosed the condition rather than giving it to a charity that would in turn give it to someone. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Anyway. First person asks me what size it is... in the ad it says Full/Double. Then I tell where they can pick up. Then she responds back asking me where I'm located. OMG do people NOT read? Anyway, we made plans twice (even via phone!) and she never showed. Second person was a charity answering the ad on behalf of a single mom that lost everything in Ike and they were sleeping on the floor. It says what area we're in (a known part of Houston) and they ask... what area are you in? OMG it's even in your return subject line! PEOPLE C'MON! Anyway, I said if she picked up asap I'd throw in all the bedding I have to. Well, it's been over 24 hr and I haven't heard from them! So I get another email from a gal she says she can pick it up today. So I begrudgingly call her and she'll now be here in 20 mins... but the last thing she asked was... What size is it?!?! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yesterday was our 4 yr anniversary!

G and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday! It was just a normal day for us, we still have so much to do with the house and have yet to get a babysitter. We did however find a sushi place not far from us and got take out! I had a rare glass of white wine... so all in all it was good!

I loved our wedding. So glad we did exactly what we wanted to do! We got married inside a candlelight wine cave at a cute little vineyard in Calistoga, CA. We spent the week checking our Muir Woods, San Francisco, Alcatraz and lots of vineyards in the area! It was a wonderful week!

It's also been a wonderful four years! We've been so blessed in so many ways... yet we're still human and have our silly fights. Keeps us real :)

Wow! Soooo behind!

If anyone is still reading my blog, sorry I haven't updated! Most of you that do read are on Facebook so it'd probably pretty redunant. Not sure if anyone else besides you gals were reading anyways. I had hoped to be able to use this blog for reflection, daily summaries, etc... but it just hadn't turned out that way! I could blame the move, the boys, etc... but it just hadn't sparked the "journaling" bug I had hoped it would.

BUT I'll still be posting, so don't un-bookmark me yet :)