Thursday, January 28, 2010

What to talk about today?

Hmmm let's see. Today we had some company this morning - yay fun... but both boys were a little crabby so I was a smidge embarrassed. J is getting to that sassy stage and it's super frustrating. It's the first time I've ever been "sassed" and I can't say I care for it much! He gets put him his room for 3 minutes and then needs to apologize, etc... only he bangs on the door, yells and screams "But I LOVE you Mama!" or "I need a hug!"... refuses to apologize or come out of his room when its all over. Woo-hoo fun times.

I feel bad, I read other blogs and people are so poetic about their kids. Unfortunately it's easier for me to express the stress I feel rather than the happiness I feel. So usually I'm less chatty, expressive, etc when I'm happy. When I'm stressed I seem to talk it out, blog about it. So it's not that those feelings aren't there... it's not as easy to gush over them. They're the best thing I've ever been a part of and it's simply amazing. I can't really find the words that would fit how I feel and how I see them. Even if they do play a daily game of "Lets see who can send mom to the nut house first!!"

Due to E having 4 nights of bad sleep... and therefore me too... we decided to try a later bedtime tonight. I'm a firm believer in early bedtimes. The boys will wake up between 6-6:30am (or earlier) no matter what time you put them to bed. J has never slept past 7:30am his entire life and neither has E! But E waking up at 3 or 4am wanting to start his day is NOT going to work. Cause of course i don't let him get up so he stays in his crib and "complains" for 2-3 hours. His room is so far from ours I have to have monitors for their rooms... so i'm up all night after that try to will him back to sleep. So far that hasn't worked. I get sooo tired of people telling me to put the boys to bed late so they'll sleep in. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT FOR THEM. However tonight I put E to bed one hour late... so we'll see how it goes. Watch he'll sleep until 7am and everyone will earn a free pass of "I told you so". Ugh. He was in the process of transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap... but with waking up so early he was definitely needing 2. So fingers crossed he sleeps at least until 6am and then we'll do one nap for the day when we get home from our playdate tomorrow morning... my luck he'll crash in the car for 15 mins and then refuse to sleep anymore and start the whole cycle over! Who would of thought it sleep could be so complex! I think the other thing is the E is a fiesty guy... he sort of tries to be in control... I think he's figured out he can wake up early and not fall back asleep because while he hasn't gotten a great amount of sleep, he's gotten enough.

During all this J has decided to wake up screaming in the middle of the night because he wants wants water, or to sleep with us. Not sure where he got that from, that child hasn't slept with us since he was 6 mths old. That is certainly NOT a habit we're starting now. I love my kids, but I need my sleeping space!! Even the cat and dog know to sleep on G's side, not mine, they'll get kicked off!

Sweet Dreams! Off to bed myself... never know how short the night will be around here!ZZZzzzz

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off to the Fire Station!

Today was a moms group outing to the Fire Station that is actually here in our neighborhood. It was suppose to be in the 60's and cloudy... great for a walk (cause sometimes the sun is really annoying to the boys in the stroller not being able to get away from it). I figured it'd take us about 15-20 mins to walk there.

I was proud of us for walking! I got exercise. We didn't drive the car for a silly short distance. We all got some fresh air.

We had been to the fire station once before when it was open for the neighborhood kids to come visit. So of course J thinks it's old hat! Yep, going to go see the trucks. The firemen were very nice... but I think they're practiced speech was a bit more geared towards older kids. But most of them still liked it and we got to ask a few questions about fire safety. I have a dear friend that lost their home and all belongings in a fire a few years ago. Hearing her tell the story always gives me chills. So being there and thinking of her, we need to find where to get those stickers you put on the window to indicate a kids room and look into those rope ladders as well. Scary to think of though! Our plan is that G gets J and I get E... but with our bedroom on the 1st floor and there's on the 2nd we don't even want to think about not being able to get to them. It puts a lump in my throat and makes my heart skip a beat. They talk about having fire plans with your kids... but dude at 3 and 1... there's nothing they can do at this point though. Scary.

Anyway, enough morbid talk! J sat on the bench and was very good the whole time. E could of cared less... he carried around his fake food bagel and just wanted to walk around the place! The pic is one I copied from another mom. You can find J underneather where it says "Summerwood" on the truck in between his buddies Alice and Andrew. Too cute! Alice is a sweetheart. When all the moms were getting their kids together for the pic (E was in the stroller snacking) I overheard quite a few say... "Go stand next to Alice" :)

We were sad we couldn't join everyone for a walk to the park to play. It was the same distance the opposite direction. So it could of taken us 40 mins to get home. Not sure their attention spans or my legs could of taken that! So we went home, played, had lunch then they took their naps. I probably should of napped too. The last 2 nights E has decided to wake between 3-4 am and never go back to sleep. I don't let him get up for the day. I do go check on him at first but he doesn't want to be settled down, he fights me. So he basically complains for 2-3 hours. Then isn't napping well either. I'm a little stumped at why he's doing this. I'm just destined to be a zombie forever more I guess!

I'm rereading the Twilight series right now. I gave in and just purchased the series, because they're perfect for rereading! I have to say my favorite part of the whole entire series is the very last 1/3 of the last book (my 2nd fave is the first 1/2 of the first book). I'm to that part, so I'm off to read. Catch ya later!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buffalo you say?

First off... I swore I was going to be better about blogging, then I disappear again! Oops! After my beginning of last week, then busy getting ready for our playdate on Wed and had company on Friday too... I just couldn't summarize anything worthy of reading!

So I'll make up with it with a few pics of the boys. Today we went to a park 5 minutes from us. The parks are different down here, not as well kept since you don't pay state taxes down here. But you just make out of it what you will! It's on Lake Houston, has various playgrounds (with no rhyme or reason for placement), trails/path (with again no real order), lots of shelters, a duck pond and BUFFALO! Buffalo you say? Yep, buffalo! Not sure the story on why they're there... but on the east side of the park they're fenced off and you can walk right by them if they're on that side of their space! They're so big!! They aren't very exciting for the kids because they don't really move, make any noise, and being all the same color its hard to see their eyes or what they might be looking at. Basically they stand there and eat grass. Really peaceful to us adults, but the kids let us have about 5 minutes then we have to get moving! There are a couple of babies and their cute always by their mama.

The trail combo we put together ends up about 1 1/2 miles. We did it last sunday too... and man the shins and calves are feeling it today! We stop about halfway thru at a playground for the kids to play. The one today was a GameTime unit (I used to design playgrounds with GameTime equipment before having Jake) it was older, but all of the sudden I was seeing the pieces and saying oh that's $813 and thats $1050... oh wait I can't believe i remember this stuff!! ha!

So these are some pics from todays trip to the park! Okay... I'm a big liar... I just realized the camera is still out in the car. I'm tired and off to bed... I'll upload tomorrow... oops!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doing much better!

So after a crap-tastic morning yesterday... the day went surprisingly well. We had a good day!

We went to our moms group playdate and the kids were playing so well (alone or with others) that the moms actually got to talk! So being the saints they were they all helped me decompress and talked me down off my ledge so to speak. I felt so much better and the boys had a FUN time... we overstayed by about an hour! We straight home and the boys took good naps. When they got up I had a message from my neighbor suggesting we go to the park. It's right around the corner, so off we went. More fun was had... and her boy and J played "throw mulch in the air" and were completely tickled the entire time by it. Came home and it was time to give E dinner, bath and bed.

G suggested we get Chick-fil-a and I couldn't of agreed more! YUM! They even filled up the gas in the Armada while they were out ;)

Then I went to bed at 9:45pm... so I got just a bit more sleep than normal!

All in all recovered from my emotional drain brought on by the whole doctor fiasco.

Now tonight gotta clean up because tomorrow morning we're hosting a "Play in your PJs" playdate at 8:30am. I found it kind of odd that some people seemed rather offended that there'd be something so early. You leave the kids & yourself in pjs and come eat breakfast... so literally rolling out of bed and come here. But oh well, each to their own right?? It'll be fun no matter :)

I'll be making french toast casserole for it! Yum!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Well! That was a crappy morning.

So I've been searching ever since we moved for a new doctor. Keep searching online, talking to various moms, etc... now something has come up and I need to get to the doc!

I decided on a place that's not too far away, an all female practice, and came highly recommended.

First I left 3 messages for an appt, no call backs ever. Finally on Friday, the fourth time I called I zeroed out to reception and then they patched me through to the appt person. So, figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and still try them. They emailed me some forms to fill out, I printed them out, signed, and off I went this morning.

I'm standing at the counter waiting (no one in the waiting room!) for the 2 gals sitting 4 inches from me to acknowledge me. Finally one does, snottily informs me that no I do not have an appt because I did not do their online new patient crap. WHAT? I politely said sorry, I was not informed of this, if I could please have the paperwork I'd fill it out (I got there 15 min early). No, I had to go home and do it on my computer and then I could make a new appt. So I nicely (with a little bit of a worried tone) said "I really need this appt, my husband took off work just so that I could have my appt"... she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

I must admit, I came unglued. I informed them that I would not be requiring their services and certainly would not be recommending them to anyone else, ever! And I stormed out of there very dramatically, not me, but it was for the moment!

Maybe just maybe if she would of said "Sorry" even while being a bitch and it would of made it better. But noooooo.

I get in the car, bawling beyond any reasonable reason and head home. I try to call G and tell him that he should get ready for work so he doesn't have to use up any more vacation time... and my I can't get my freaking blackberry to dial... I was so worked up I just couldn't figure it out. I can't remember the last time I cried like this. I was beyond frustrated, I have a suspicious lump and I can't get into a doctor of my liking.

The only thing I could think about was my wonderful, wonderful doctor Simmons up in Aurora. She's calm but peppy, smart, witty, down to earth and I trust her completely with my life and that of my unborn and then birthing child!! I would of given my right arm AND leg to of been able to walk into her office at that moment. She would make it all okay, and if it's not okay, she would make it the closest to okay as she could. We would deal with this together. She IS the best.

When I got home after crying to a very surprised G, I called my old dr's office just to hear their menu of options.... aren't I a sad sad case??

So the hunt is still on for a good doctor with a good practice :(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello? Style? Where have you been?

We've been living in our wonderful new home in Texas for 9 months now! However, it's been sorely undecorated for various reasons. Being...

1. We have kids, have no babysitters, so kids go with us. I don't truly like to shop (I do like to get new things, but not the shopping part) and with the boys it's not really a walk in the park. They're not bad by any means... but they're 1 and 3... the expectations for even AWESOME behavior wouldn't allow for much ;)

2. Even though I went to school for design and was in the field before kids... G apparently doesn't trust me. Like he's afraid that if he does what most husbands do and give me carte blanche that he'll come home to pink lace, roses, and unicorns. After 9 years does he not know what I like when it comes to home decor. I guess not. So first I have to like it, then he has to like it, then I have to come to terms to trying to decorate around all that! It makes for a very very long process. I find it insulting to say the least... but I understand G just wants to have a say in his home surroundings as well. I appreciate that. But DUDE, I know what I'm doing!!!!!

3. I can be cheap. Although, cheap is not the right word, I will spend good money on stuff that is just right, good quality, etc. But I won't just go out and buy everything just for sake of finishing a room! Going from a 1600 sqft townhouse to a 3500 sqft home... rendered a lot of things un-usable. Things are the wrong scale now or we use them in different spots, which leaves other stuff unused as well.

4. I don't just like one style. Perhaps I'm just flaky, but I like to think it's because I can appericate lots of different styles... so it's hard for me to nail down to just one. I also see something in my mind and then look forever for that perfect match. It would be so much easier (but so not me) if I could just make anything work... rather than always searching for something a bit bigger, a bit smaller, not so expensive, not chintzy, etc....

5. Due to #4 & #5 I sometimes (okay, quite often) I do find the perfect item only to ponder over it for too long and it discontinues, goes out of stock, or something. I can't tell you how many times I've been burned by that. Then I'll pout about missing out on that perfect thing for such-an-such room and then not even attempt to decorate that room again for months.

All that being said... we're finally making headway! Last weekend G hung up 3 pictures for me. An oil painting in the family room (aka playroom), framed wine prints in the butlers pantry area, and then a nice new framed mirror in the powder room (it was just a cheapy the builders put it, the framed one add such nice substance). Then on Wednesday our rug arrived for the living room! It's hard to find a nice 9x12 rug (8x10 are everywhere!!)... finally found one at Pottery Barn. Then this weekend we changed the globes/shades on all the ceiling fans from the ridged clear to a nice milky white bell shades/globes. WOW, the difference is amazing! So we're finally on a roll! ha!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cupcakes are yummy :)

Once a month my moms group has a birthday celebration for that months birthdays. It's held at our local community center. It's great because it's just one HUGE room. Everyone brings ride on toys, balls, big cars, etc... each month someone brings cupcakes or something. It was my month... so last night J and I made cupcakes!

I hate to run out of anything. There were 12 moms that RSVPed, each had at least one kid, half had 2... so one box of mix for 24 cupcakes might of cut it short (or knowing me, I'd drop some or something), I made 2 boxes.

Weeeeellllll.... I only have one 6 count cupcake tin. Each batch takes about 17 mins to cook... I baked for 3 hours last night!! I did take half of the yellow cake batch and make into an 8x8 cake just for us... but still it was a long evening only due to being able to do 6 at a time. I did whipped white icing and J did a great job of doing the blue sprinkles! Note to self: buy some more cupcake tins!!!!!

Then some cancelled last minute and a lot of the moms didn't eat a cupcake... so I came home with leftovers. So one box would of been just fine afterall! Go fig right? So we're going to take some down to our neighbor. We're suppose to get together and play each Friday alternating their house or ours. But the boys were snotty last Friday and today I'd say they're over it but had the moms group thing. So we'll go drop off some sweets :)

In other news J is still doing great at night and E is now sleeping through the night completely! Woo-hoo! So for the past 4 nights I've gotten at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in over a year. I still feel like someone beats me with a crowbar before bed and even when I wake up... but not quite so zombie like. Of course I don't really feel MORE rested, I just want more! Ha!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harder that it seems!

Being healthy, conscientious, green, organic, buying local, making stuff from scratch/homemade, etc.... I try. I really try. But it's just a lot harder than it seems.

Eating Healthy: it's not fair, the healthy stuff just isn't as tasty or as statisfying. Yes, I've made and have eaten plenty of healthy meals... doesn't mean I'm not thinking about ice cream afterwards! The boys are pretty good for the most part, but sometimes it's quite the fight to get them to eat veggies and of course both of them would rather have a cookie. I can't get G to WANT to eat healthy at all and he won't eat veggies either... I have to harp him to take a little. I know that sounds terrible... just let the man eat what he wants. But sorry Charlie, I don't think so... there are 2 little boys that want to do everything he does. I could eat nothing but veggies the rest of my life and the boys would never bat and eye at it. When Daddy eats his veggies, then J will too. I got rid of doing box mixes for stuff but then find I don't want to do all the steps to achieve the same results... so I'm just as bad in some ways. It's beyond frustrating sometimes.

Being Green: it's important to me, and not to G. I feel like I'm constantly digging stuff out of the trash that can be recycled. It's so easy to recycle here, we just put it in the bin and viola every Monday it's gone! They don't recycle glass though... but if we save it they have a place just north of us to take it that's open during the weekends. Glass still ends up in the trash :( Sometimes I'm better about the whole reduce, reuse, recycle... other days when I'm up to my eyeballs in other stuff I'm not as good. Let's not even get into the guilt I feel for using disposable diapers. I have many friends that cloth diaper and they're so cool... I just can wrap my head around it. I feel extremely guilty for it. Sorry Mother Nature, I try when I can... I'm sorry we're not as good as we could be :(

Organic: I totally and completely agree with eating organic and I didn't even watch FOOD, Inc. The boys milk is organic, E's babyfood I made, and the fruit/veggies we eat the skins as part of it (apples, carrots, pears, etc). The thought of all the chemicals just skives me out beyond belief. But obviously not enough to make me go totally organic, and that makes me feel really bad too... it's just hard on the budget and on the grocery shopping trips.

Cooking and Baking: I wish I was better, I feel like a domestic failure sometimes. I can't even bake bread or cakes. I'm green with envy with all my friends that are also kitchen goddesses on the side. Not to mention I hate all the dirty dishes that come with all that. Not that I'm not a good cook or a good baker, it just doesn't come naturally to me and that's a bummer. I keep hoping to wake up some hidden talent or something.... I'm still waiting.

Being conscientious: I find this to be hard to swing as well. Last night we had fish for dinner with asparagus and rotini (the multigrain kind!)... only to have the wind out of my sails when I read about cooking orange roughy. It also brought up articles about how over fished they are... they don't even reproduce until their 20's! I'd love to buy stuff only made in the USA... but I'm finding that hardly nothing is made in the USA.

Okay my tirade to myself (and anyone reading) is over for now. Don't lock me in the looney bin yet! Perhaps I should come back once I've calmed my mind down and post the positive things of when I DO succeed in this things instead of just thinking of when I fail. I fear that my failure is due to laziness & selfishness... both are things I loathe in other people. Hmmmm... off to contemplate (while doing laundry, dressing Jake, making the dog come in, brush the cat, brush the dog... and damn I gotta mop the floor during naptime today!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

All day, All underwear! So proud!

Gotta give big boy J a shout out! He's been daytime potty trained since July. And the last couple months was pretty much dry even in the pull up most of the time. BUT I knew with the long road trip and things being so off, he might regress. So I figured we'd just wait until we got home. So last week we put underwear on him, double layered the bed sheets (mattress, pad, sheets, waterproof pad, sheets) to prepare and away we went! He did awesome! We're so proud of him. Told him if he stayed dry all week then Daddy would take him to see the new chipmunks movie that is out right now. I can't say I'm a fan of the chipmunks plus in their movie there was behavior I'd rather he didn't imitate at.all. In fact we had to "lose" the movie off the dvr because it was driving us nuts this summer. So as a reward it held tons of weight.

G took him Saturday morning. I'm so glad they got to do a milestone like that together. I remember going to see Bambi, my first movie... hopefully he'll remember it too. I instructed G to take a pic of J in front of the movie poster or something. Of course I received that glazed over look, like sure whatever just please quit talking look. Though was pleasantly surprised that instead of the movie poster there were 5 ft tall chipmunk statues instead! I need to find out how to send the pic to my email from my phone so I can post it. I've always thought I was a techy, but I've been woefully lagging behind lately. Eek! Anyway, it went great, I wish I could of seen his face during it all, G said it was priceless! Aw, my big boy!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing to catch up!

Dec 29th I think we all just vegged and tried to get over that zoned out shell shocked feeling of 3 days in the car. G had to go to work... poor him ;) I can't even remember what we did that day. We were home and that was enough.

That night we watched Observe and Report... OMG... what a bad movie. Seth Rogen is funny. Anna Farris is funny. But not in this movie... it's like we kept waiting for the funny part, then it ended.

Dec 30th was E's one year check up! G's sis watched J, so E and I had a rare Mommy & baby one on one time. This time we went to a different doctor than in Sept. I can't remember if I posted about it, but that guy really got on my bad side. So since it was all rushed with the holidays I just stuck with the same practice but tried a different doc. Much better. I feel us click a lot more! E was almost 23 lbs and was 31" long! The doc was impressed by how thin E's file was... mean he hasn't been that sick and I don't just bring him in for every little thing. He even complimented me and said I much be doing all the right things so he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't have any questions! YAY! I gotta say that felt REALLY good to hear!

That day Greg came home a bit early, drove M around the area North of us (Kingwood) to show here some sights. I do a lot of my mom groups stuff in Kingwood, it's a pretty area with lots of HUGE beautiful trees that I would not expect in Tx... some parts actually remind me of Indiana! On the way home they picked up Sushi... that place knows G & J by looks and know our order ;)

That evening we watched Angels & Demons... the movie with Tom Hanks based of Dan Brown's book. Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Hanks... but even when I read the books and then see the movies I still think that Gerard Butler would be a better Robert Langdon! I spent half the movie folding laundry while sitting on the floor in front of the TV... man we had a TON from being gone that long.

Dec 31st... G took the day off and we all headed to the Kemah Boardwalk (where the pic of the boys is from). It's not as far south as Galveston, but is on the Galveston Bay. It was in the high 40's low 50's so a bit chilly... but didn't seem as bad considering what we just came from in the north! It was super foggy! We couldn't believe it, you couldn't see anything! Felt bad for M, we were at the bay/ocean and she couldn't even see it! But we had a GREAT time! It was fun walking around and checking it all out. We had lunch at the Aquarium that had a HUGE tank in the middle. Most of the fish were bigger than J! Both boys did great and we all had a very yummy seafood lunch! Also while we were there we rode the little train and the carosel! Then back home. We stopped and got some scallops, wine and beer to ring in the new year!

Once the boys were in bed we turned on the fireplace (it's gas) had scallops (with a white wine/buttery sauce), crab cakes, and veggies. M & I split a bottle of my fave wine and G drank some Abita beer (from Lousianna)! I was asleep by 11:30pm but it was a good end to a very busy roller coaster yet good year!

Jan 1st we took M to the airport. We all were sad, the house seemed like it was missing someone :( Then we proceeded to start taking down the Christmas decor...what a task!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Moms Night Out was so much fun!

Since joining my moms group here, I've probably done about one moms night out or in (if it's at someones house) once a month.

Last night was the first time I was running out the door, jumping in my car, cackling as I pulled out of the driveway in glee with escaping for the night!

Not that there's anything to escape. Cute kids that I'm lucky to be able to raise. My husband that makes me laugh and is my partner through it all.

But last night I was just ready for a break from the normal. I even put on more make up than normal! :) It was 7 of us at this little italian place north of me along the river that goes into Lake Houston. I guess it was cold for some, but just seemed crisp/brisk enough to make you hurry your step a little to get inside.

Had a wonderful glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (that my friend Jess introduced me to a couple years ago!) to accompany my dinner of grilled trout topped with artichoke hearts and mushrooms with a side of zuchinni and squash! YUM!

It was such a good time. No lull in the converstation, lots of laughs, lots of empathy, and I think I might of even smack the table once when something was really funny!

Ah.... it was just nice. Granted being mom is the best thing in the world, but it's fun for just a few hours to shed being mom for just a bit and just be Tyson. Granted I talked about being a mom a lot. BUT it's nice to not have to worry about anyone else for a few hours, cut my own food, eat my food hot and not have to clean up afterwards! Ahhhhhhh......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where to start??

We took a 12 day road trip for the holidays. Luckily with the new Armada we all fit (the dog too!) and had room to bring our loot home AND G's sis M!

Let's see...

Dec 17th we pulled out of the driveway at 6pm with the boys in their jammies and headed for Laffayette, LA. We don't do all night driving, I like to have them get real sleep in a bed/crib. But we thought we'd do this little 4hr leg so that it made the next 2 days on the road only 7 hrs a piece. Cause remember with kids and all that you can easily tack on another 2 hrs. It rained the whole way, E was up for half of it (when he normally goes to bed at 6pm) and J was awake the whole time too! So when we got to the Drury Inn it was hard for both to go to bed. But by midnight everyone was finally settled and G was down in the lobby doing WORK! That's the latest my kids have ever been up... I'm a huge sleep nazi!

Dec 18th it was a very pretty day. I enjoyed the drive on 10 across LA... neat seeing the bayou/swamps! The boys were completely AWESOME in the car that day... didn't get ansy until about 5pm when we finally arrived at Homewood Suites. What a nice place to stay. It was wonderful having the 2 bedrooms and a living room! Everyone was able to keep their normal bedtime routine and got a good nights sleep... after we had some pizza hut for dinner ;)

Dec 19th it was cold when we woke up and it just got colder as we headed north. Strange thing, 55 in Arkansas looks just like the stretch of 55 between Joilet and Bloomington! BORING. It started snowing in Marion, IL and we were ready to head back home, lol. But on we went to Terre Haute! Got there about 2pm and had the rest of the day to spend with Grandma B, my mom, aunt, cousins, etc! Good times!

Dec 20th we got to stay put for one day and spend the whole day at Grandmas hanging out! It was so cute watching my younger cousins play with the boys! We ate! We unwrapped presents! We ate, and so on :)

Dec 21st it was time to hit the road again! Grandma didn't understand why we had to leave so early but we wanted to get on the road to get this leg of the trip over with! Headed to my aunts to check out her new home then off we went to Minooka! We arrived about 2pm and again got to spend time just hanging out and laughing. Dinner time and the rest of the evening was a colossal meltdown for both boys. They'd just had it. I felt so bad for them. But I knew once they got some sleep and some normalcy it would be better!

Dec 22nd was another day of visiting. It snowed, J got to go outside and help Pago (what J calls Grandpa) clear the driveway and stuff. Then while he was taking a nap Pago went and got the boys a sled! YAY! So a'sledding we went when they got up from their naps. J LOVED it, E just wanted to get back inside! ha! That evening after we put E to bed we left J with the GPs and we headed up to Naperville to have sushi at our FAVORITE Sushi place, Moshi Moshi. G's sister, brother & his new wife joined us. It was a very yummy dinner. Naperville is a very pretty place at winter with all the trees in white lights lining the street... it was nice G & I had a no kid moment to hold hands!

Dec 23rd away went the snow and it was sleeting. It was a "lovely" day to venture out... BUT we had plans with a mom friend & her boys. So off we went! We had a nice lunch there and got to catch up after being gone for 8 mths... but thank goodness for FB we were pretty much caught up :) Found out she's preggo with her 3rd, how fun! Then we got back and realized that the weather wasn't getting any better and should probably go do our Christmas shopping! We knew exactly where and what we wanted to get everyone, just didn't want to haul it from Texas. So G & I got ANOTHER kid free moment to battle traffic, weather, and the crazy ass MALL. But I daresay we enjoyed it! LOL!

Dec 24th G and I braved the grocery store (note another kid free moment! LOL!) for an odd assortment of milk, wrapping paper, diapers, and a can of cream of chicken! I started to fall on the ice and had flashback of falling last year. Luckily I wasn't pregnant and G was there for me to grab ahold of. We were really starting to look forward to getting back to our Texas weather! That afternoon J got to make cookies with Megaw and Aunt Meggy! He concentrated hard on doing a good job with the sprinkles!

Dec 25th J woke up and immediately said LETS OPEN PRESENTS!! Held him off for about 4 hrs until M&E could get there. We had a little pancake brunch and then the unwrapping of the gifts could begin! J really got into it this year, but still like always he wants to open the toy and play with it before ever moving on to antoher one. So his presents took a few hours, lol! E had a good time with the paper and boxes, could of cared less about the toys! I got a sewing machine, I was so excited. I WILL learn to sew this year! And a big HUGE surprise was that we got a new digital camera! YAY!! D&D loved their gift... a steer skull (with the longhorns!) and it immediately was put up in their recreational basement of fun! :) We spent the rest of the day figuring out how in the hell we were going to fit it all to go home! Oh and I totally lost my voice and had a hacking cough. It wasn't that I just sounded bad, oh no, I had NO voice. For a talker like me that was NOT fun.

Dec 26th we were on the road at 8am in more "lovely" weather. Chugged along through that until we finally reached the Residence Inn in Springfield, MO. The boys did great... me not so much. I ended up getting car sick, then a migraine, all on top of still having no voice and hacking up a lung! I did feel a bit more human when we got some yummy pasta from Zio's for dinner and got a shower. But the 3 adults (me, G, and his sis M) hacked all night long like some sick chorus!

Dec 27th hit the road Dallas bound! It was a loooong drive through the Okie state... they had a ton of snow and it was NOT cleared! We ended up counting 47 cars off the side of the road, and some happened before our eyes! One was even a tow truck! So that made for a rather "hope that's not us" trip. We stayed at a Homewood Suites again and it had a pool so the G took J swimming! Guess he was more interested in the pool chairs than swimming when you can't normally swim!

Dec 28th homeward bound we were! We watched it get warmer and warmer and more sunny the closer we got to Houston! Then finally we were home at last!! YAY! It was so awesome to pull down our street and see our house!! Lots of unpacking, lots of laundry, and lots of "wow, what do I do FIRST???" That night we watch the Hangover and called it a night! I could finally screech to talk but really was starting to think one of those times of hacking I was going to end up with a bloody lung in my hand!!

So that was our trip! I'll catch you up on our New Years week next! Oh and some pictures too!

Well look at that!

So I haven't been able to log on here in eons due to installing Norton. I was just waiting to have the time to tinker around with it and figure it out. The viola I come here and I can log in! So not sure what happened. Sorry for my absence. Not sure if it went noticed or not, I'm sure I've lost most my readers with my hit and miss posting.

But heres to the New Year and to more blogging!