Monday, January 11, 2010

All day, All underwear! So proud!

Gotta give big boy J a shout out! He's been daytime potty trained since July. And the last couple months was pretty much dry even in the pull up most of the time. BUT I knew with the long road trip and things being so off, he might regress. So I figured we'd just wait until we got home. So last week we put underwear on him, double layered the bed sheets (mattress, pad, sheets, waterproof pad, sheets) to prepare and away we went! He did awesome! We're so proud of him. Told him if he stayed dry all week then Daddy would take him to see the new chipmunks movie that is out right now. I can't say I'm a fan of the chipmunks plus in their movie there was behavior I'd rather he didn't imitate at.all. In fact we had to "lose" the movie off the dvr because it was driving us nuts this summer. So as a reward it held tons of weight.

G took him Saturday morning. I'm so glad they got to do a milestone like that together. I remember going to see Bambi, my first movie... hopefully he'll remember it too. I instructed G to take a pic of J in front of the movie poster or something. Of course I received that glazed over look, like sure whatever just please quit talking look. Though was pleasantly surprised that instead of the movie poster there were 5 ft tall chipmunk statues instead! I need to find out how to send the pic to my email from my phone so I can post it. I've always thought I was a techy, but I've been woefully lagging behind lately. Eek! Anyway, it went great, I wish I could of seen his face during it all, G said it was priceless! Aw, my big boy!!

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