Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing to catch up!

Dec 29th I think we all just vegged and tried to get over that zoned out shell shocked feeling of 3 days in the car. G had to go to work... poor him ;) I can't even remember what we did that day. We were home and that was enough.

That night we watched Observe and Report... OMG... what a bad movie. Seth Rogen is funny. Anna Farris is funny. But not in this movie... it's like we kept waiting for the funny part, then it ended.

Dec 30th was E's one year check up! G's sis watched J, so E and I had a rare Mommy & baby one on one time. This time we went to a different doctor than in Sept. I can't remember if I posted about it, but that guy really got on my bad side. So since it was all rushed with the holidays I just stuck with the same practice but tried a different doc. Much better. I feel us click a lot more! E was almost 23 lbs and was 31" long! The doc was impressed by how thin E's file was... mean he hasn't been that sick and I don't just bring him in for every little thing. He even complimented me and said I much be doing all the right things so he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't have any questions! YAY! I gotta say that felt REALLY good to hear!

That day Greg came home a bit early, drove M around the area North of us (Kingwood) to show here some sights. I do a lot of my mom groups stuff in Kingwood, it's a pretty area with lots of HUGE beautiful trees that I would not expect in Tx... some parts actually remind me of Indiana! On the way home they picked up Sushi... that place knows G & J by looks and know our order ;)

That evening we watched Angels & Demons... the movie with Tom Hanks based of Dan Brown's book. Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Hanks... but even when I read the books and then see the movies I still think that Gerard Butler would be a better Robert Langdon! I spent half the movie folding laundry while sitting on the floor in front of the TV... man we had a TON from being gone that long.

Dec 31st... G took the day off and we all headed to the Kemah Boardwalk (where the pic of the boys is from). It's not as far south as Galveston, but is on the Galveston Bay. It was in the high 40's low 50's so a bit chilly... but didn't seem as bad considering what we just came from in the north! It was super foggy! We couldn't believe it, you couldn't see anything! Felt bad for M, we were at the bay/ocean and she couldn't even see it! But we had a GREAT time! It was fun walking around and checking it all out. We had lunch at the Aquarium that had a HUGE tank in the middle. Most of the fish were bigger than J! Both boys did great and we all had a very yummy seafood lunch! Also while we were there we rode the little train and the carosel! Then back home. We stopped and got some scallops, wine and beer to ring in the new year!

Once the boys were in bed we turned on the fireplace (it's gas) had scallops (with a white wine/buttery sauce), crab cakes, and veggies. M & I split a bottle of my fave wine and G drank some Abita beer (from Lousianna)! I was asleep by 11:30pm but it was a good end to a very busy roller coaster yet good year!

Jan 1st we took M to the airport. We all were sad, the house seemed like it was missing someone :( Then we proceeded to start taking down the Christmas decor...what a task!

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