Friday, January 15, 2010

Cupcakes are yummy :)

Once a month my moms group has a birthday celebration for that months birthdays. It's held at our local community center. It's great because it's just one HUGE room. Everyone brings ride on toys, balls, big cars, etc... each month someone brings cupcakes or something. It was my month... so last night J and I made cupcakes!

I hate to run out of anything. There were 12 moms that RSVPed, each had at least one kid, half had 2... so one box of mix for 24 cupcakes might of cut it short (or knowing me, I'd drop some or something), I made 2 boxes.

Weeeeellllll.... I only have one 6 count cupcake tin. Each batch takes about 17 mins to cook... I baked for 3 hours last night!! I did take half of the yellow cake batch and make into an 8x8 cake just for us... but still it was a long evening only due to being able to do 6 at a time. I did whipped white icing and J did a great job of doing the blue sprinkles! Note to self: buy some more cupcake tins!!!!!

Then some cancelled last minute and a lot of the moms didn't eat a cupcake... so I came home with leftovers. So one box would of been just fine afterall! Go fig right? So we're going to take some down to our neighbor. We're suppose to get together and play each Friday alternating their house or ours. But the boys were snotty last Friday and today I'd say they're over it but had the moms group thing. So we'll go drop off some sweets :)

In other news J is still doing great at night and E is now sleeping through the night completely! Woo-hoo! So for the past 4 nights I've gotten at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in over a year. I still feel like someone beats me with a crowbar before bed and even when I wake up... but not quite so zombie like. Of course I don't really feel MORE rested, I just want more! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,

I'm enjoying your blog so much! Thanks for all the news. You're great!

Aunt J