Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doing much better!

So after a crap-tastic morning yesterday... the day went surprisingly well. We had a good day!

We went to our moms group playdate and the kids were playing so well (alone or with others) that the moms actually got to talk! So being the saints they were they all helped me decompress and talked me down off my ledge so to speak. I felt so much better and the boys had a FUN time... we overstayed by about an hour! We straight home and the boys took good naps. When they got up I had a message from my neighbor suggesting we go to the park. It's right around the corner, so off we went. More fun was had... and her boy and J played "throw mulch in the air" and were completely tickled the entire time by it. Came home and it was time to give E dinner, bath and bed.

G suggested we get Chick-fil-a and I couldn't of agreed more! YUM! They even filled up the gas in the Armada while they were out ;)

Then I went to bed at 9:45pm... so I got just a bit more sleep than normal!

All in all recovered from my emotional drain brought on by the whole doctor fiasco.

Now tonight gotta clean up because tomorrow morning we're hosting a "Play in your PJs" playdate at 8:30am. I found it kind of odd that some people seemed rather offended that there'd be something so early. You leave the kids & yourself in pjs and come eat breakfast... so literally rolling out of bed and come here. But oh well, each to their own right?? It'll be fun no matter :)

I'll be making french toast casserole for it! Yum!

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Anonymous said...

Dear T,

SO GLAD to hear that today went better! :)

Aunt J