Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harder that it seems!

Being healthy, conscientious, green, organic, buying local, making stuff from scratch/homemade, etc.... I try. I really try. But it's just a lot harder than it seems.

Eating Healthy: it's not fair, the healthy stuff just isn't as tasty or as statisfying. Yes, I've made and have eaten plenty of healthy meals... doesn't mean I'm not thinking about ice cream afterwards! The boys are pretty good for the most part, but sometimes it's quite the fight to get them to eat veggies and of course both of them would rather have a cookie. I can't get G to WANT to eat healthy at all and he won't eat veggies either... I have to harp him to take a little. I know that sounds terrible... just let the man eat what he wants. But sorry Charlie, I don't think so... there are 2 little boys that want to do everything he does. I could eat nothing but veggies the rest of my life and the boys would never bat and eye at it. When Daddy eats his veggies, then J will too. I got rid of doing box mixes for stuff but then find I don't want to do all the steps to achieve the same results... so I'm just as bad in some ways. It's beyond frustrating sometimes.

Being Green: it's important to me, and not to G. I feel like I'm constantly digging stuff out of the trash that can be recycled. It's so easy to recycle here, we just put it in the bin and viola every Monday it's gone! They don't recycle glass though... but if we save it they have a place just north of us to take it that's open during the weekends. Glass still ends up in the trash :( Sometimes I'm better about the whole reduce, reuse, recycle... other days when I'm up to my eyeballs in other stuff I'm not as good. Let's not even get into the guilt I feel for using disposable diapers. I have many friends that cloth diaper and they're so cool... I just can wrap my head around it. I feel extremely guilty for it. Sorry Mother Nature, I try when I can... I'm sorry we're not as good as we could be :(

Organic: I totally and completely agree with eating organic and I didn't even watch FOOD, Inc. The boys milk is organic, E's babyfood I made, and the fruit/veggies we eat the skins as part of it (apples, carrots, pears, etc). The thought of all the chemicals just skives me out beyond belief. But obviously not enough to make me go totally organic, and that makes me feel really bad too... it's just hard on the budget and on the grocery shopping trips.

Cooking and Baking: I wish I was better, I feel like a domestic failure sometimes. I can't even bake bread or cakes. I'm green with envy with all my friends that are also kitchen goddesses on the side. Not to mention I hate all the dirty dishes that come with all that. Not that I'm not a good cook or a good baker, it just doesn't come naturally to me and that's a bummer. I keep hoping to wake up some hidden talent or something.... I'm still waiting.

Being conscientious: I find this to be hard to swing as well. Last night we had fish for dinner with asparagus and rotini (the multigrain kind!)... only to have the wind out of my sails when I read about cooking orange roughy. It also brought up articles about how over fished they are... they don't even reproduce until their 20's! I'd love to buy stuff only made in the USA... but I'm finding that hardly nothing is made in the USA.

Okay my tirade to myself (and anyone reading) is over for now. Don't lock me in the looney bin yet! Perhaps I should come back once I've calmed my mind down and post the positive things of when I DO succeed in this things instead of just thinking of when I fail. I fear that my failure is due to laziness & selfishness... both are things I loathe in other people. Hmmmm... off to contemplate (while doing laundry, dressing Jake, making the dog come in, brush the cat, brush the dog... and damn I gotta mop the floor during naptime today!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi T,

Just getting caught up on the last few posts you did. Thanks so much for all the news and you're right ~ don't be so hard on yourself! You are an awesome Mom, wife, niece, etc. etc.

Much Love,
Aunt Jeri