Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello? Style? Where have you been?

We've been living in our wonderful new home in Texas for 9 months now! However, it's been sorely undecorated for various reasons. Being...

1. We have kids, have no babysitters, so kids go with us. I don't truly like to shop (I do like to get new things, but not the shopping part) and with the boys it's not really a walk in the park. They're not bad by any means... but they're 1 and 3... the expectations for even AWESOME behavior wouldn't allow for much ;)

2. Even though I went to school for design and was in the field before kids... G apparently doesn't trust me. Like he's afraid that if he does what most husbands do and give me carte blanche that he'll come home to pink lace, roses, and unicorns. After 9 years does he not know what I like when it comes to home decor. I guess not. So first I have to like it, then he has to like it, then I have to come to terms to trying to decorate around all that! It makes for a very very long process. I find it insulting to say the least... but I understand G just wants to have a say in his home surroundings as well. I appreciate that. But DUDE, I know what I'm doing!!!!!

3. I can be cheap. Although, cheap is not the right word, I will spend good money on stuff that is just right, good quality, etc. But I won't just go out and buy everything just for sake of finishing a room! Going from a 1600 sqft townhouse to a 3500 sqft home... rendered a lot of things un-usable. Things are the wrong scale now or we use them in different spots, which leaves other stuff unused as well.

4. I don't just like one style. Perhaps I'm just flaky, but I like to think it's because I can appericate lots of different styles... so it's hard for me to nail down to just one. I also see something in my mind and then look forever for that perfect match. It would be so much easier (but so not me) if I could just make anything work... rather than always searching for something a bit bigger, a bit smaller, not so expensive, not chintzy, etc....

5. Due to #4 & #5 I sometimes (okay, quite often) I do find the perfect item only to ponder over it for too long and it discontinues, goes out of stock, or something. I can't tell you how many times I've been burned by that. Then I'll pout about missing out on that perfect thing for such-an-such room and then not even attempt to decorate that room again for months.

All that being said... we're finally making headway! Last weekend G hung up 3 pictures for me. An oil painting in the family room (aka playroom), framed wine prints in the butlers pantry area, and then a nice new framed mirror in the powder room (it was just a cheapy the builders put it, the framed one add such nice substance). Then on Wednesday our rug arrived for the living room! It's hard to find a nice 9x12 rug (8x10 are everywhere!!)... finally found one at Pottery Barn. Then this weekend we changed the globes/shades on all the ceiling fans from the ridged clear to a nice milky white bell shades/globes. WOW, the difference is amazing! So we're finally on a roll! ha!


Ayelet said...

pictures, please!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing. Decorating is low priority for a busy Mom ~ glad that you're making progress but don't stress over it.

Aunt J