Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off to the Fire Station!

Today was a moms group outing to the Fire Station that is actually here in our neighborhood. It was suppose to be in the 60's and cloudy... great for a walk (cause sometimes the sun is really annoying to the boys in the stroller not being able to get away from it). I figured it'd take us about 15-20 mins to walk there.

I was proud of us for walking! I got exercise. We didn't drive the car for a silly short distance. We all got some fresh air.

We had been to the fire station once before when it was open for the neighborhood kids to come visit. So of course J thinks it's old hat! Yep, going to go see the trucks. The firemen were very nice... but I think they're practiced speech was a bit more geared towards older kids. But most of them still liked it and we got to ask a few questions about fire safety. I have a dear friend that lost their home and all belongings in a fire a few years ago. Hearing her tell the story always gives me chills. So being there and thinking of her, we need to find where to get those stickers you put on the window to indicate a kids room and look into those rope ladders as well. Scary to think of though! Our plan is that G gets J and I get E... but with our bedroom on the 1st floor and there's on the 2nd we don't even want to think about not being able to get to them. It puts a lump in my throat and makes my heart skip a beat. They talk about having fire plans with your kids... but dude at 3 and 1... there's nothing they can do at this point though. Scary.

Anyway, enough morbid talk! J sat on the bench and was very good the whole time. E could of cared less... he carried around his fake food bagel and just wanted to walk around the place! The pic is one I copied from another mom. You can find J underneather where it says "Summerwood" on the truck in between his buddies Alice and Andrew. Too cute! Alice is a sweetheart. When all the moms were getting their kids together for the pic (E was in the stroller snacking) I overheard quite a few say... "Go stand next to Alice" :)

We were sad we couldn't join everyone for a walk to the park to play. It was the same distance the opposite direction. So it could of taken us 40 mins to get home. Not sure their attention spans or my legs could of taken that! So we went home, played, had lunch then they took their naps. I probably should of napped too. The last 2 nights E has decided to wake between 3-4 am and never go back to sleep. I don't let him get up for the day. I do go check on him at first but he doesn't want to be settled down, he fights me. So he basically complains for 2-3 hours. Then isn't napping well either. I'm a little stumped at why he's doing this. I'm just destined to be a zombie forever more I guess!

I'm rereading the Twilight series right now. I gave in and just purchased the series, because they're perfect for rereading! I have to say my favorite part of the whole entire series is the very last 1/3 of the last book (my 2nd fave is the first 1/2 of the first book). I'm to that part, so I'm off to read. Catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun was had by all. :)

Kelly said...

oooh, Nathan would love the firetruck!

and I love the Twilight series too!