Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where to start??

We took a 12 day road trip for the holidays. Luckily with the new Armada we all fit (the dog too!) and had room to bring our loot home AND G's sis M!

Let's see...

Dec 17th we pulled out of the driveway at 6pm with the boys in their jammies and headed for Laffayette, LA. We don't do all night driving, I like to have them get real sleep in a bed/crib. But we thought we'd do this little 4hr leg so that it made the next 2 days on the road only 7 hrs a piece. Cause remember with kids and all that you can easily tack on another 2 hrs. It rained the whole way, E was up for half of it (when he normally goes to bed at 6pm) and J was awake the whole time too! So when we got to the Drury Inn it was hard for both to go to bed. But by midnight everyone was finally settled and G was down in the lobby doing WORK! That's the latest my kids have ever been up... I'm a huge sleep nazi!

Dec 18th it was a very pretty day. I enjoyed the drive on 10 across LA... neat seeing the bayou/swamps! The boys were completely AWESOME in the car that day... didn't get ansy until about 5pm when we finally arrived at Homewood Suites. What a nice place to stay. It was wonderful having the 2 bedrooms and a living room! Everyone was able to keep their normal bedtime routine and got a good nights sleep... after we had some pizza hut for dinner ;)

Dec 19th it was cold when we woke up and it just got colder as we headed north. Strange thing, 55 in Arkansas looks just like the stretch of 55 between Joilet and Bloomington! BORING. It started snowing in Marion, IL and we were ready to head back home, lol. But on we went to Terre Haute! Got there about 2pm and had the rest of the day to spend with Grandma B, my mom, aunt, cousins, etc! Good times!

Dec 20th we got to stay put for one day and spend the whole day at Grandmas hanging out! It was so cute watching my younger cousins play with the boys! We ate! We unwrapped presents! We ate, and so on :)

Dec 21st it was time to hit the road again! Grandma didn't understand why we had to leave so early but we wanted to get on the road to get this leg of the trip over with! Headed to my aunts to check out her new home then off we went to Minooka! We arrived about 2pm and again got to spend time just hanging out and laughing. Dinner time and the rest of the evening was a colossal meltdown for both boys. They'd just had it. I felt so bad for them. But I knew once they got some sleep and some normalcy it would be better!

Dec 22nd was another day of visiting. It snowed, J got to go outside and help Pago (what J calls Grandpa) clear the driveway and stuff. Then while he was taking a nap Pago went and got the boys a sled! YAY! So a'sledding we went when they got up from their naps. J LOVED it, E just wanted to get back inside! ha! That evening after we put E to bed we left J with the GPs and we headed up to Naperville to have sushi at our FAVORITE Sushi place, Moshi Moshi. G's sister, brother & his new wife joined us. It was a very yummy dinner. Naperville is a very pretty place at winter with all the trees in white lights lining the street... it was nice G & I had a no kid moment to hold hands!

Dec 23rd away went the snow and it was sleeting. It was a "lovely" day to venture out... BUT we had plans with a mom friend & her boys. So off we went! We had a nice lunch there and got to catch up after being gone for 8 mths... but thank goodness for FB we were pretty much caught up :) Found out she's preggo with her 3rd, how fun! Then we got back and realized that the weather wasn't getting any better and should probably go do our Christmas shopping! We knew exactly where and what we wanted to get everyone, just didn't want to haul it from Texas. So G & I got ANOTHER kid free moment to battle traffic, weather, and the crazy ass MALL. But I daresay we enjoyed it! LOL!

Dec 24th G and I braved the grocery store (note another kid free moment! LOL!) for an odd assortment of milk, wrapping paper, diapers, and a can of cream of chicken! I started to fall on the ice and had flashback of falling last year. Luckily I wasn't pregnant and G was there for me to grab ahold of. We were really starting to look forward to getting back to our Texas weather! That afternoon J got to make cookies with Megaw and Aunt Meggy! He concentrated hard on doing a good job with the sprinkles!

Dec 25th J woke up and immediately said LETS OPEN PRESENTS!! Held him off for about 4 hrs until M&E could get there. We had a little pancake brunch and then the unwrapping of the gifts could begin! J really got into it this year, but still like always he wants to open the toy and play with it before ever moving on to antoher one. So his presents took a few hours, lol! E had a good time with the paper and boxes, could of cared less about the toys! I got a sewing machine, I was so excited. I WILL learn to sew this year! And a big HUGE surprise was that we got a new digital camera! YAY!! D&D loved their gift... a steer skull (with the longhorns!) and it immediately was put up in their recreational basement of fun! :) We spent the rest of the day figuring out how in the hell we were going to fit it all to go home! Oh and I totally lost my voice and had a hacking cough. It wasn't that I just sounded bad, oh no, I had NO voice. For a talker like me that was NOT fun.

Dec 26th we were on the road at 8am in more "lovely" weather. Chugged along through that until we finally reached the Residence Inn in Springfield, MO. The boys did great... me not so much. I ended up getting car sick, then a migraine, all on top of still having no voice and hacking up a lung! I did feel a bit more human when we got some yummy pasta from Zio's for dinner and got a shower. But the 3 adults (me, G, and his sis M) hacked all night long like some sick chorus!

Dec 27th hit the road Dallas bound! It was a loooong drive through the Okie state... they had a ton of snow and it was NOT cleared! We ended up counting 47 cars off the side of the road, and some happened before our eyes! One was even a tow truck! So that made for a rather "hope that's not us" trip. We stayed at a Homewood Suites again and it had a pool so the G took J swimming! Guess he was more interested in the pool chairs than swimming when you can't normally swim!

Dec 28th homeward bound we were! We watched it get warmer and warmer and more sunny the closer we got to Houston! Then finally we were home at last!! YAY! It was so awesome to pull down our street and see our house!! Lots of unpacking, lots of laundry, and lots of "wow, what do I do FIRST???" That night we watch the Hangover and called it a night! I could finally screech to talk but really was starting to think one of those times of hacking I was going to end up with a bloody lung in my hand!!

So that was our trip! I'll catch you up on our New Years week next! Oh and some pictures too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello T ~ so great to read your blog! I'm glad that you are back as I really enjoyed the newsy post. Wish my life was half as exicting as yours! Much Love, Aunt J