Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoyed the beautiful weather, soon even more so!

Ah, how nice to be outside in shorts, tshirts and barefeet in Febuary! It's awesome. Even more exciting is that our outdoor space is coming together.

The week was the first part of our patio expansion was started. The only part the boys really cared about was when at first they were shoveling up the sod. They had to cap off some sprinkler heads from the irrigation system and moved a couple.

The concrete is all poured and shaped, added on about 25x13 more patio that curves in some spots. Had the appt on Friday to pick out the stain and the stamping style. We're going with a flagstone type stamping (even has raised texture) in natural browns. Guess it's about a 3 day process... it'll also go over the original patio too to tie it all together. Then we can have just the table under the covered portion with the ceiling fan & light. Then the grill can be out on the other part of the patio. Then want to get some hanging plants to hang in that space as well. We plan on eventually getting a fire pit and a couple more chairs... but until then it's pretty much for toys... need concrete to roll those trucks on!

This week it'll be finished! Even though we won't be able to walk on it until next Monday I bet! Greg wants me to wait to post pics until it's completely finish... but I've been taking them!

Can't wait!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delayed Monkey Bread pics!

So I forgot I had these, so better late than never right?? This is the monkey bread we made a couple of Fridays ago for our playgroup Valentines Day party. The boys woke up sick that morning so we just tore it in half and dropped it off with our heart crayon valentines.
It was much prettier whole.. but we DID NOT need an entire one... and it didn't seem fair for Jake to help me make it, only for him to not get to eat any. But of course I forgot to take a picture of it whole! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two boys in a tub!

In the last month it's become possible for the boys to take their bath together. Evan is old enough to not put his face in the water, can not fall over, etc... and Jake is a little more controlled in his water antics.

Their rooms share a bathroom. Actually they each have their own vanity in a little hallway off their room and then a tub & toilet room connect those.

In the past Evan got his bath right after his dinner and Jake took his in our bathroom later on in the evening (since he's way too loud in his fun to be right next to where Evan was sleeping).

Lately though with Evan totally eating table foods, two things were happening. First Jake wanted to eat when and what Evan ate. Second I needed to start incorporating Evan's meal as our meal. So it was time to change some things, and changing my routine/schedule is not funny business.

It used to be... 5pm Evan dinner, 5:30 Evan's bath (Greg home by this time), 6pm Evan bed and then I make dinner, 7:15pm Jake's bath, 8pm Jake bed.

So now... 5:30pm dinner for everyone (Greg hopefully home), 6pm bath for E & J, 6:30pm Evan bed, 8pm Jake bed.

The new one sounds simplier and easier right? Nope. Now it involves me cooking dinner alone with 2 little ones under my feet with the early evening whinies. It's not going very smoothly yet... but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

Amazing how something so complex can be simple and something so simple can be complex!!
Oh and for the record... no bath toys needed. Just the empty bath wash bottles... seriously we have two so they can each have one... all other toys are ignored!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things I wish I had right now...

Just a little random post of random things. Things I wish I had right now...

A Kitchenaid Mixer to hopefully bring upon the immediate evolution of my baking gene that has just been laying dormant. I think I'd like it in Coppery Pearl... but black or white is the color of most of my kitchen stuff.

Spanx... self explainatory...

This kitchen dining table set... it's just too much $$, isn't available for internet sale (closest store in Beaumont!) and a fabric seat just isn't good news around here... but it's pretty much exactly what I want!

These rugs... the lighter one for the dining room (has dark hardwoods) and the darker one for the foyer (has a beige tile).

Hanging baskets like this for our pantry for the onions, potatos and such! And while I'm at it, this would be pretty sweet as well (yes takes little for me to say "sweet").

These things and some gift cards to Gap would make me very happy right now (yah, yah, I know materialism isn't pretty and most of the time I'm not, but cut me some slack). Last night Greg and I went on our 4th date night in like 14 mths! It was to a very nice steakhouse in Downtown Houston. I had nothing to wear, it was so pathetic... and rather took the fun out of it. True I'm pretty much wearing jeans, yoga pants and capris these days with easily washable shirts... but it would be nice to have some "go-to you know you look nice in dress up clothes". I've had a lot of stress the past few days and it'll be gone in a couple days, but it sort of ruined date night. I felt terrible with a huge migraine... but I was determined we would have our date night! Poor Greg asked me to flash my wedding ring so people would know we were married and that it wasn't like a horrible first date gone bad, LOL! Poor guy! Anyway, if we win the lottery (w/o playing, so it'll be a miracle) those would be the things I ask for besides paying off some debt and you know the responsible stuff!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The baby is weaned!

*Sigh*... Evan turned 14 mths old on the 16th, as of then he was weaned. We begun the process when we got back from our holiday road trip. I slowly started taking away a nursing session at a time as he showed more interest in cow milk in a sippy cup. He tilts his head back, takes a big sip, slams his cup down and says "aaahhhh!". It's too cute! He's handled it pretty well, he still gets the what I call "milk whines" during what used to old nursing times... but he doesn't seem to care much either way. I know it's best to do child led weaning and not force my own timeline on them... but it's just what works for me!

I tried to go more gradual this time than with Jake... I don't want another month of complete pain if there's even so much as a breeze! We'll see, it doesn't look promising... it's only be 3 days and the pain has already started. I don't have many natural talents, maybe this is mine (well that and fiddle farting around or reading books??? see lactation is at least productive!!) Guess that would of been my profession if I lived in the 1700-1800's... a wet nurse! The one thing I'm good at, LOL!

I was ready though. I'm all for breastfeeding then once a year hits I'm just done being a source of nourishment. Been doing it for the 9-10 mths they were in the womb, plus 14 mths of nursing... that's 2 years of physcially noursing another human being! I'm ready to begin my conception, gestation, lactation vacation! ;)

When I started out nursing Jake it was just a shot in the dark. I stuck with it and had to seek out support... then come to find out I'm pretty passionate about it and get pretty offended by the people that look down on it. During some of my sleepless nights I've thought about becoming a lactation consultant once the boys were grown. I figured it was just a certification process since while some LCs are worth their weight in gold, quite a few are not! It's actually a 2 year program and the more I think about it I'm not "medical" material. So I guess I'll just continue to support a cause I feel strongly about, support mamas that need help, and just hope that a country/society as smart and rich as ours stops being so backwards about it. We shockingly lag very far behind other countries in this area!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Valentines...

Yah I'm still talking about Valentines Day, LOL! Even though, I didn't get a single thing for the day... except for a 3 hour nap... I'll take that any day! But these pics are of what we made as our Valentines to give to our friends.

Really super simple and it's something else to give rather than candy! Oh and I totally stole this idea from Kelly's blog (hi Kelly!).

You just take all your broken crayons, take the paper off, break into pieces, put into a mold, bake at 275* for about 10 mins, take out to cool and there you have heart shaped crayons!

Jake helped me do this and helped make the monkey bread we were making to take to our Vday party with the playgroup. However, both boths woke up snotty and coughing. So we couldn't go... we did however go drop off our goodies to our friends since it was just in a couple neighborhoods over from us.

The boys have been pretty sick since then. Evan is just a surly little beast right now. Hoping today they're on the upswing. My mother arrives tonight so I want them to feel better to get to play with Sitto (what we call her since my Grandma is also Grandma D)!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding Pics

So I know many of you have already seen them, but here are some that haven't!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

100th post! Happy Valentines Day!

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I'd share the story of me and Greg!

He was attending RHIT and I was at ISU. It was November of 2000 and of course I remember this much better than he does. I saw him walk into a bar (I know so romantic eh?) I was at the bar so technically I saw him in the mirror of the bar, lol! I just knew there was something there. However it was college, relationships come and go like hangovers. I wasn't really wanting to meet anyone at that time. But the chickie I was hang out with did, grrrr. I spent the entire night making it so it wouldn't be possible for her talk to him, in hopes that at some other time I'd run into him again myself. I succeeded all night until I went to the bathroom, I came out and she was talking to them. Ugh! I think they went on a couple dates and that was that.

Then it was the weekend school started back up after the holidays. My fun friend Bethany was in celebrating with me and lo and behold we run into him! So I approached him, then I gave him a ride home (the back of my 2 door car was so messy Bethany had to ride in his lap, lol!!) and we exchanged numbers. He called the next day and we went out that night!

There were some issues with that first gal and we had our normal college relationship things... but some how we made it until the end of the year still dating, lol! Then even through the summer... he moved back to the Chicago area. I moved Atlanta. We even tried the long distance thing a couple times... but it was hard. Too hard and so we took a break. What a rough year that was... to know the person you're suppose to be with, but you aren't with them or even talking :( Then thanks to my bad employee ways (I got around the firewall and installed AIM on my work laptop) I got a random IM one day saying "hi?" from him. I stared at it for like 5 whole minutes I was excited, angry, scared, swoon-y all at one time. So I write back "hi?" too, lol! And that's kicked off getting back together after we'd both matured and he realized life was pretty lame with out being with the one you loved! I then moved to Chicago (after months of making plans and such, so no worries it wasn't like the next week but it was by the end of the year 2003!).

We then built our first home together... a townhouse, it was just perfect! Then we got engaged (we knew we were going to get married, but we didn't want the year payment plan on the ring to be held against us for the house). I'm not a big fan of the wedding industry... I think it's all a big sham made up to make people feel like 1. They have to make everyone ELSE happy or 2. That you're somehow less married or in love if it's not some big to-do.

So I researched and found a perfect option. We got married in May 2005 at winery in Calistoga, CA (just north of Napa Valley) with Greg's sis Megan as my maid of honor, his brother Matt as his best man and his parents as our guests. It was suppose to be outside, but it was raining of course. I know it's suppose to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but it was still kind of a bummer. The reverend came to me and said look, it'll be okay... let me get all the candles lit in the wine cave and you'll love it I promise.

What? A cave? I'm going to get married in A CAVE?

Well they opened the doors (this cave was made to hold all the wine barrels back in the day and was made into the side of the "mountain") and there were twinkly lights and TONS of candles... it was amazing! The pictures just don't do it justice.

We exchanged vows and were hitched! Yay! It was just lightly misting by this point and the sun came out, so out we went to take pics! It was beautiful, and I felt pretty beautiful as well!

Then we went out to eat at a very nice restaurant in wine country with a lovely table for the 6 of us by the fireplace. It was a nice reception :) That was on a Tuesday then we spent the rest of the week checking out Muir Woods, the beach, San Fran for our honeymoom portion of the trip!

Now here we are almost 5 years later in marriage and 9 years since we've met... 2 wonderful boys and enjoying life in Texas. While this is now our home, my true home really has always been where Greg has been, always will be. Home where I can be simply be me and be loved just for that alone if nothing else.

I don't have wedding pics on the laptop, gotta get on the desktop for them! I'll do another post later with the pics :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's been a busy week!

We've done a lot this week! Monday we had a Mardi Gras playdate. My plan was to take a fruit pizza (sugar cookie crust, strawberry cream cheese spread, and sliced fruit)... so I busted out the new baking stone I got for Christmas. It came with no instructions, figured it didn't need any so I didn't google it. I remember that you're not suppose to do anything to it, just bake! So that's what I did... the crust became one with the stone. Eventually I got it up in tiny tiny pieces with a lot of elbow greats. But so much for my fruit pizza.. I took fruit salad!

Wednesday we went to the Children's Museum in downtown Houston. Admittedly, I was nervous. We haven't been to downtown since the day we closed on our house. There just hadn't been a good reason... no babysitter and when Evan was in the "crawl everywhere phase" it didn't work to go anywhere he couldn't get down. So off we went! I pride myself on being really good at directions.. I know my N, S, E, W no matter where I'm facing and I can figure out cities pretty good. But I will admit that the GPS is really nice and takes away having to read a piece of paper while trying to find your way for the first time. Although I need to learn it's timing... it was telling me to prepare to exit and to turn right... so I did... it meant the NEXT exit/right. So we took a little detour through the ghetto no biggie ;)

The boys had a BLAST! Evan just walked and walked and climbed and climbed! Jake enjoyed checking out all the little things they had that did stuff. I was worried it would be hard if both of them ran different directions (even though the Tot Spot is enclosed). Evan just takes off, Jake used to always be glued to my side but lately has taken to taking off as well. It was really crowded so it kept Jake to a 10 ft radius around where ever I was following Evan so it worked out okay. Plus we were there with the moms group... so we'd see each others kid every now and then.

Today we had a Valentines Party playdate. We made homemade heart crayons (from broken ones around here) as our valentines and I planned on making monkey bread. I even got all the stuff prepped the night before... biscuits quartered, sugar & cinnamon in a bag, the butter cut in the fridge & the brown sugar in a small pan waiting to be melted in the am. However, both boys woke up with the snots and Jake with a cough. Sooooo... no party for us :( Luckily the moms house we were going to is just a couple neighborhoods over so we're going to go drop off our goodies. I would just keep the monkey bread at home, but we just received our girl scout cookies... so no more junk is needed right now!

That's what we've been up to this week. Next week my mom is coming for a visit. She really really wanted to come see the boys and our new home. It'll be her first time on a plane in 20 years (and only 2nd time ever in her life) so should be interesting since I can't help her at the airport since she doesn't have a cellphone. How did we use to ever travel with out one?? I know the boys will be excited to see her and she's going to watch them since I finally found a doc and scheduled an appt for next Friday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday at Lil Gym

I'm so random... I talk about stuff after it happens and often out of order! LOL!

Last Friday we went to Lil' Gym. Once a month the group meets there for a class just for our group at a discounted rate. We have rarely made it, because I swear they always get sick the day before so we have to cancel. The last time we went was in Sept or Oct! E was just crawling and J was rather shy.

Well on Friday the normal instructor had a sub. His name was Mr. Brian... now before I sound all goofy talking about Mr. Brian I have to say that J just lit up when interacting with him. Normally J is a sort of watch on the sidelines kind of guy and maybe, just maybe join in. This time he was right next to Mr. Brian and did every thing he asked, showed, etc. I really really liked watching him like that. Meanwhile E was a man on a mission and that mission was to be off on his own climbing up stuff that was way too big. Only once did I see J look around for me, and not in a nervous way, just in a "checking" sort of way.

They did stuff with bells (that E chewed on, gross, but what are you gonna do?), running around with the instructions of a song, bean bags (pretending it was various different things), a parachute (and I don't care... I'm 31, and parachutes are fun! They really do make you feel light hearted!) and ending with bubbles (the only time E decided to be part of the group).

In the middle was free time to play on all the equipment. When all was done J got two snoopy stamps on his hands. He was soooo proud to show those to Daddy when G got home that night.

It was lots of fun! Can't wait to go back next month!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boys & Tools

While my dad was here earlier this week he put together the Sand & Water Table that he got them for Christmas. Pago (what Jake calls Grandpa) had the real tools, J had his, and E had his! Then everyone (ie Pago) put the table together! It was yucky and raining out so I just kept the table inside, put in some water and let them play. We had a TON of water on the floor... but nothing a mop & towel couldn't clean up. The boys had fun!

It has since been located to it's home outdoors. I'm happy because it matches their slide (green & brown)... I have a major aversion to the brightly colored outdoor kid stuff!

On Wednesday we met with a landscape guy. Our current patio is 11 x 13 and has a roof. We just need more concrete, who would of thunk it?!?! Not I, I was all happy to have a big backyard... but started noticing we needed more patio! So we're going to fill in a little section that is about 20ft x 12ft? Add a little curve to it, get it stained and stamped so that it looks a little like natural stone. They'll pour a thin layer over the existing patio so it all matches! Can't wait. Still waiting on the estimate/quote... but we'll probably do it! Yay!

On a side note: I need to learn to upload these opposite of the order I want them shown! Oops! Anyway, you all are smart enough to figure it out :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling Better... Again

So after spewing out all my feelings, I feel much better, lol!

Yes, I do have friends! Good ones too:)

I don't look THAT bad, but it's still something I'm wrestling with.

I think I just want to wait until 2011 to have Jake in pre-k.

Family size. Yah, time to just stop thinking about it and readress it in 6 mths I think.

It's just easy to get wrapped up in a funk. Much harder to pull yourself out of it. Had a really great time with my girlfriends last night for MNO. It made a big difference. Came home and G had cleaned the kitchen! woo-hoo for me :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Having a hard time...

Perhaps it's because I expected more weather wise of Texas in Feb! But really this is their winter... rain & 50's... so it's better than zero and snowy AND windy. But something about rain can really get ya down. I have a multitude of things weighing me down right now... I'm just going to put them out there in hopes of doing so it organizes them in my own brain so I can start tackling them. Pretty much in general I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

1. Do I have friends? I kinda suspect I like them more than they like me?

2. Will I ever get over this horrible self image I have right now? I just want to cry when I look in the mirror. I'm just so tired. I'm tired of my weight being everyone else's business. I've either been told "You look like you've lost too much weight" or "Oh good, you look like you've lost weight"... either way... both irritate me. The latter isn't fair because I had a baby a year ago... it took me 9-10 mths to gain the weight to bring another HUMAN BEING into the world... cut me some slack. I'm tired of seeing all these celebs postpartum like a month later looking awesome. I look in the mirror and want to vomit, so it doesn't really seem fair. I don't know... I feel like I'm back in highschool with all these insecure feelings. WTH??

3. What to do about preschool for J? He's a fall baby so he won't start K until 2012. I know for sure I want to do preschool for 2011... but very unsure about next fall. First of all there's not a lot of options around here like there was in IL. Second, most have long hours like 9-2:30 (I want 9-11 two days a week). Third, the price is very shocking. So I'm constantly going over and over about all this in my mind.

4. Our family size. We thought we wanted 4... but any more 3 seems like a HUGE thing to even wrap my head around. I know G wants 4... but he's left it up to me on how many since I'm the one doing most of the work! Some of the jobs he'll have after this one (he's in a different job about every year but in the same place mostly) will be much more intensive hours wise. Hell, we never see him now I feel. And yes I know there are families where they barely see daddy, but I don't want that :( This kind of goes along with #2... if I hate how I look NOW how will I feel after another pregnancy? After J things went back okay, after E things have had trouble remembering how it's suppose to go back together. I think it's very important to agree and be happy with what you make as couple for your family plans. I just want to also do right by my kids. If we're going to have another I feel like they need to be sort of the same age difference as E & J or that it'll set #3 off by themselves. Ugh, again.. I just go over and over with this in my mind. No wonder I'm not sleeping.

5. Still haven't found a doc. I know I really need to do this soon. But I feel very negative about any doc out there right now and am dragging my feet big time.

So that's me right now :( My head is going 80 million miles a minute and I feel like it's taking away from my ability to just enjoy things around me for what they are. Especially the munchkins!

Played bunko for the first time last night with neighbor ladies, we'll do it the first of every month. It was fun, but I felt "very outside looking in". They're either older women or working moms or young with no kids. It makes me very happy for my MNO tonight.... I really need it. I need to be around those who know where I'm coming from and hopefully don't judge. There's not many people I can just talk to... so I appreciate it when I can!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dad is here!

Just wanted to say that my dad is here. He arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow. So we're just hanging out and stuff! Catch ya later!