Sunday, February 14, 2010

100th post! Happy Valentines Day!

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I'd share the story of me and Greg!

He was attending RHIT and I was at ISU. It was November of 2000 and of course I remember this much better than he does. I saw him walk into a bar (I know so romantic eh?) I was at the bar so technically I saw him in the mirror of the bar, lol! I just knew there was something there. However it was college, relationships come and go like hangovers. I wasn't really wanting to meet anyone at that time. But the chickie I was hang out with did, grrrr. I spent the entire night making it so it wouldn't be possible for her talk to him, in hopes that at some other time I'd run into him again myself. I succeeded all night until I went to the bathroom, I came out and she was talking to them. Ugh! I think they went on a couple dates and that was that.

Then it was the weekend school started back up after the holidays. My fun friend Bethany was in celebrating with me and lo and behold we run into him! So I approached him, then I gave him a ride home (the back of my 2 door car was so messy Bethany had to ride in his lap, lol!!) and we exchanged numbers. He called the next day and we went out that night!

There were some issues with that first gal and we had our normal college relationship things... but some how we made it until the end of the year still dating, lol! Then even through the summer... he moved back to the Chicago area. I moved Atlanta. We even tried the long distance thing a couple times... but it was hard. Too hard and so we took a break. What a rough year that was... to know the person you're suppose to be with, but you aren't with them or even talking :( Then thanks to my bad employee ways (I got around the firewall and installed AIM on my work laptop) I got a random IM one day saying "hi?" from him. I stared at it for like 5 whole minutes I was excited, angry, scared, swoon-y all at one time. So I write back "hi?" too, lol! And that's kicked off getting back together after we'd both matured and he realized life was pretty lame with out being with the one you loved! I then moved to Chicago (after months of making plans and such, so no worries it wasn't like the next week but it was by the end of the year 2003!).

We then built our first home together... a townhouse, it was just perfect! Then we got engaged (we knew we were going to get married, but we didn't want the year payment plan on the ring to be held against us for the house). I'm not a big fan of the wedding industry... I think it's all a big sham made up to make people feel like 1. They have to make everyone ELSE happy or 2. That you're somehow less married or in love if it's not some big to-do.

So I researched and found a perfect option. We got married in May 2005 at winery in Calistoga, CA (just north of Napa Valley) with Greg's sis Megan as my maid of honor, his brother Matt as his best man and his parents as our guests. It was suppose to be outside, but it was raining of course. I know it's suppose to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but it was still kind of a bummer. The reverend came to me and said look, it'll be okay... let me get all the candles lit in the wine cave and you'll love it I promise.

What? A cave? I'm going to get married in A CAVE?

Well they opened the doors (this cave was made to hold all the wine barrels back in the day and was made into the side of the "mountain") and there were twinkly lights and TONS of candles... it was amazing! The pictures just don't do it justice.

We exchanged vows and were hitched! Yay! It was just lightly misting by this point and the sun came out, so out we went to take pics! It was beautiful, and I felt pretty beautiful as well!

Then we went out to eat at a very nice restaurant in wine country with a lovely table for the 6 of us by the fireplace. It was a nice reception :) That was on a Tuesday then we spent the rest of the week checking out Muir Woods, the beach, San Fran for our honeymoom portion of the trip!

Now here we are almost 5 years later in marriage and 9 years since we've met... 2 wonderful boys and enjoying life in Texas. While this is now our home, my true home really has always been where Greg has been, always will be. Home where I can be simply be me and be loved just for that alone if nothing else.

I don't have wedding pics on the laptop, gotta get on the desktop for them! I'll do another post later with the pics :)


Kate said...

I would love to see pics from your wedding. I bet it was beautiful!

All that you have been through just goes to show you that you were absolutely meant to be together. What a sweet story!

April said...

What a sweet and wonderful story!

bethany said...

Love hearing the story again. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

T, Seems like just yesterday... Wonderful pictures of a wonderful couple. Much Love, Aunt J