Thursday, February 18, 2010

The baby is weaned!

*Sigh*... Evan turned 14 mths old on the 16th, as of then he was weaned. We begun the process when we got back from our holiday road trip. I slowly started taking away a nursing session at a time as he showed more interest in cow milk in a sippy cup. He tilts his head back, takes a big sip, slams his cup down and says "aaahhhh!". It's too cute! He's handled it pretty well, he still gets the what I call "milk whines" during what used to old nursing times... but he doesn't seem to care much either way. I know it's best to do child led weaning and not force my own timeline on them... but it's just what works for me!

I tried to go more gradual this time than with Jake... I don't want another month of complete pain if there's even so much as a breeze! We'll see, it doesn't look promising... it's only be 3 days and the pain has already started. I don't have many natural talents, maybe this is mine (well that and fiddle farting around or reading books??? see lactation is at least productive!!) Guess that would of been my profession if I lived in the 1700-1800's... a wet nurse! The one thing I'm good at, LOL!

I was ready though. I'm all for breastfeeding then once a year hits I'm just done being a source of nourishment. Been doing it for the 9-10 mths they were in the womb, plus 14 mths of nursing... that's 2 years of physcially noursing another human being! I'm ready to begin my conception, gestation, lactation vacation! ;)

When I started out nursing Jake it was just a shot in the dark. I stuck with it and had to seek out support... then come to find out I'm pretty passionate about it and get pretty offended by the people that look down on it. During some of my sleepless nights I've thought about becoming a lactation consultant once the boys were grown. I figured it was just a certification process since while some LCs are worth their weight in gold, quite a few are not! It's actually a 2 year program and the more I think about it I'm not "medical" material. So I guess I'll just continue to support a cause I feel strongly about, support mamas that need help, and just hope that a country/society as smart and rich as ours stops being so backwards about it. We shockingly lag very far behind other countries in this area!


Ayelet said... the bittersweetness of weaning. Congratulations of sticking with it until you were both ready :)

bethany said...

I think it is great that you've nursed both boys for a year. My sister did for 13 months with her son too. Although my nursing didn't last as long as yours, it is definitely something I support and recommend to try. Awesome!

Tys said...

Well B, you're one of the reason I even tried it! You did it before me!! So thanks girlie!

Anonymous said...

T, Enjoy your conception, gestation, lactation vacation! Love, Aunt J

Kelly said...

conception, gestation, lactation vacation? I love it! I feel your pain. I been on the conception, gestation, lactation train since Nov of 2006!!! :)