Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boys & Tools

While my dad was here earlier this week he put together the Sand & Water Table that he got them for Christmas. Pago (what Jake calls Grandpa) had the real tools, J had his, and E had his! Then everyone (ie Pago) put the table together! It was yucky and raining out so I just kept the table inside, put in some water and let them play. We had a TON of water on the floor... but nothing a mop & towel couldn't clean up. The boys had fun!

It has since been located to it's home outdoors. I'm happy because it matches their slide (green & brown)... I have a major aversion to the brightly colored outdoor kid stuff!

On Wednesday we met with a landscape guy. Our current patio is 11 x 13 and has a roof. We just need more concrete, who would of thunk it?!?! Not I, I was all happy to have a big backyard... but started noticing we needed more patio! So we're going to fill in a little section that is about 20ft x 12ft? Add a little curve to it, get it stained and stamped so that it looks a little like natural stone. They'll pour a thin layer over the existing patio so it all matches! Can't wait. Still waiting on the estimate/quote... but we'll probably do it! Yay!

On a side note: I need to learn to upload these opposite of the order I want them shown! Oops! Anyway, you all are smart enough to figure it out :)


Natalie said...

Logan has the same Step 2 sand & water table. He loves it! I know the boys will love it too.

BTW, I need to remember to upload in the opposite order too. I always forget that. I wish they made it eaiser to label the pictures too. It's such a pain that I rarely label them.

ourbabymakesfour said...

I hate the opposite order thing... it wasn't always like that and it's sooo annoying now! ugg.
Tyson you will love having a bigger patio. Ours was TINY too and now it's so nice to have a big one!