Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoyed the beautiful weather, soon even more so!

Ah, how nice to be outside in shorts, tshirts and barefeet in Febuary! It's awesome. Even more exciting is that our outdoor space is coming together.

The week was the first part of our patio expansion was started. The only part the boys really cared about was when at first they were shoveling up the sod. They had to cap off some sprinkler heads from the irrigation system and moved a couple.

The concrete is all poured and shaped, added on about 25x13 more patio that curves in some spots. Had the appt on Friday to pick out the stain and the stamping style. We're going with a flagstone type stamping (even has raised texture) in natural browns. Guess it's about a 3 day process... it'll also go over the original patio too to tie it all together. Then we can have just the table under the covered portion with the ceiling fan & light. Then the grill can be out on the other part of the patio. Then want to get some hanging plants to hang in that space as well. We plan on eventually getting a fire pit and a couple more chairs... but until then it's pretty much for toys... need concrete to roll those trucks on!

This week it'll be finished! Even though we won't be able to walk on it until next Monday I bet! Greg wants me to wait to post pics until it's completely finish... but I've been taking them!

Can't wait!


Liz and Garth said...

Fun! I bet it will be GREAT. Hope to see it soon! :-)

Kate said...

Yay for home improvement! I look forward to seeing it.

We have a beautiful slate patio...but no grass in the backyard. Seriously, the previous owner shelled out all that money for the slate and left the backyard dirt. ????

Anonymous said...

Hi T, Looking forward to seeing the end result. Thanks for the update. Love, Aunt J