Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday at Lil Gym

I'm so random... I talk about stuff after it happens and often out of order! LOL!

Last Friday we went to Lil' Gym. Once a month the group meets there for a class just for our group at a discounted rate. We have rarely made it, because I swear they always get sick the day before so we have to cancel. The last time we went was in Sept or Oct! E was just crawling and J was rather shy.

Well on Friday the normal instructor had a sub. His name was Mr. Brian... now before I sound all goofy talking about Mr. Brian I have to say that J just lit up when interacting with him. Normally J is a sort of watch on the sidelines kind of guy and maybe, just maybe join in. This time he was right next to Mr. Brian and did every thing he asked, showed, etc. I really really liked watching him like that. Meanwhile E was a man on a mission and that mission was to be off on his own climbing up stuff that was way too big. Only once did I see J look around for me, and not in a nervous way, just in a "checking" sort of way.

They did stuff with bells (that E chewed on, gross, but what are you gonna do?), running around with the instructions of a song, bean bags (pretending it was various different things), a parachute (and I don't care... I'm 31, and parachutes are fun! They really do make you feel light hearted!) and ending with bubbles (the only time E decided to be part of the group).

In the middle was free time to play on all the equipment. When all was done J got two snoopy stamps on his hands. He was soooo proud to show those to Daddy when G got home that night.

It was lots of fun! Can't wait to go back next month!


Liz and Garth said...

We had so much fun at The Little Gym! And Holden totally chewed on the bells too. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ Just getting caught up on your blog. Sorry you have had the February Blahs... I love seeing the pictures you post and reading all your news. I too love my extended patio. It is one of the first things I did when I moved back to OH in 2000. It is colored and stamped too. Enjoy!
Love, Aunt J